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Location: USA,

Backpackers House Venice

Venice, Italy

My stay at the Backpacker's Hostel was great. The owner was welcoming (and quite concerned about my choice of footwear, as I arrived wearing wedge sandals!), the location was great (Camp Santa Margherita is a nice neighborhood with delicious gelato), and the value for two nights in Venice proper as opposed to somewhere on the mainland was unbeatable.

Hostel Slotania

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Hostel Slotania was really far away from the city center. I was misled to think that it was closer and was alarmed when on the tram for nearly 45 minutes. There was no place to grab a bite to eat after a long day and the staff were quite unfriendly and could only tell me to go back into Amsterdam.

Hostel Croydon

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I only stayed one night, but Hotel Croydon was the perfect fit for my purposes. It was easy to find after arriving in Amsterdam, I could pay with my credit card, there was free Wifi, and nothing could have beat its location in the Red Light district!