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FUN-D Hostel Chiang Rai

Chiang Rai, Thailand

Best hostel I have stayed in in Thailand, if not anywhere! Spotless, friendly staff, great common room, convenient location.

Dozy House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Really nice hostel, only complaint is they are keen for you to organise activities through them, but the one they organised for me was poor! Be very clear about what you are getting. In terms of accommodation pretty much perfect though.


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Good - great location, comfy beds, nice common areas Bad - room so dirty that one of my room mates cleaned it herself with a mop from reception! Noisy - this is a bit of a party place, so woken most nights by people socialising in nearby common area. One morning common area out of use due to drunk guests sleeping on all sofas. Overall, only recommended for party animals!

City Hut 1828

Tainan, Taiwan

Fantastic hostel!

Assemble! Backpackers

Chiayi, Taiwan

Staff are incredibly helpful especially re Alisan. Nice rooms and common area.

Chez Kiki

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Super friendly staff, nice common areas, great dog! Not staffed all the time so you need to either know your arrival time orhave a mobile.

Amigos Hostel

Hualien, Taiwan

Great place for meeting people and staff are amazing! The bathrooms are a bit old and could do with having the grills cleaned more often.


Good hostel, nice bathrooms and comfy rooms. Not much character though and they are a bit obsessed with rules, you have to sign an agreement on arrival!

Lamb Tour House

Taipei, Taiwan

Great place, no problems at all.


Good place, lovely staff, nice showers! They have a few medium-term guests who tend to dominate the communal areas.

Xiamen Old Town Hostel

Xiamen, China

It's a great hostel, only a shame about the bathroom situation, I had to wait nearly 3 hours one day when a group arrived! Try to have your showers at odd times. Very friendly staff and lots of helpful info about the area and the things you can do in Xiamen. Take careful note of the directions to the place, it is easy to find as long as you follow the instructions exactly!


Excellent place overall, only annoying factor was the kitchen / common room which was always full with the family in the evenings. But otherwise very nice rooms and great place to stay.

Nerpa Backpackers

Irkutsk, Russia

Good hostel, very friendly staff. Easy to find and very convenient for train station, about 30 mins walk from centre of Irkutsk though. I also stayed at the Baikaler hostel in Irkutsk and there is nothing to choose between the two apart from location, depends whether you want to be nearthe station or not.

Golden Gobi

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Great hostel, organise excellent tours too.

Zokol Hostel

Novosibirsk, Russia

Very good hostel, efficient and clean. Not much atmosphere though - the kind of place where people keep to themselves and I hardly saw another person, though the hostel was nearly full. I was also put in a room where I was the only female amongst all men, which I found a bit unusual. Still, I would recommend this place if you are stopping over in Novosibirsk, it is pleasant and has everything you could need.

Europe Asia Yekaterinburg Hostel

Yekaterinburg, Russia

Odd hostel in the spare room of someone's flat. No lockers and kitchen tiny, a bit run down but comfortable enough, not a place to spend time hanging out though. The directions provided by the hostel were unhelpful, make sure you have a map. Having said all that you cant complain for the price paid, amazing value.

Hostel P

Perm, Russia

Good hostel overall, spacious kitchen, friendly staff. Not much of a buzz there as most residents were Russians studying or on business. Also the hostel runs out of hot water late in the evening when lots of people shower, I would advise showering in the morning!

Smile Hostel

Nizhny Novgorod, Russia

Great hostel in every way except there is no hot water. When I wanted a shower as we were there 3 days the receptionist suggested I use a kettle. I dont speak enough russian to know if this was a fault or the permanent situation tho.