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Grand hostel LerO

Split, Croatia

Tucked away on a hill above the city, 10 minutes away from the old town center, this hostel is a lovely place to stay. Quiet, clean, comfortable, with lockers, kitchen, and backdoor patio. Nice house with a nice staff that make you feel right at home.

Green Lizard Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

Green Lizard is a nice hostel. Good security, and great outdoor spaces (the hammock is a real plus). However, my room didn't have air conditioning of any real kind. For a place like Hvar, in the summer, when even the nights can be in the high 20s, this is a real downside. It was quite difficult to sleep in the heat, especially with people crammed into a small room. Get an air conditioner and this review would be a 100%.

Dink's Place Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

Beautiful little hostel tucked into the hillside above Hvar Town. Great location as it's out of the city center (only 5-10 minutes) and closer to one of the most amazing beaches (Pokonji Dol). Dink, his father Petar, and Angelica the housekeeper are all amazing individuals and make you feel right at home. The beds are nice, the kitchen is great, and the terraces and outdoor spaces are wonderful to relax in. Couldn't recommend this hostel more!


Pretty standard hostel. Very quiet when I was there, so if you're looking for a party place I'd look somewhere else. That said it had everything you'd want in a small hostel: kitchen with the bare essentials, lockers big enough to fit everything, good beds, clean sheets, and clean bathrooms. Decent location about 10 minutes walk to the center of the old town and 20 minutes walk from the most popular beach.

Hobo Bear Hostel

Zagreb, Croatia

Nice little hostel. A little dungeon-y, as half the hostel is located at the basement level, so depending on the room you get it might be better or worse. I had a room on the second floor (which is at street level) and it was just fine. Lockers, a kitchen, a little common area you can hang out in until 24:00. Overall has most things you need for a few nights in Zagreb. The staff was friendly and helpful in setting up plans to visit Plitvice on the way south.

Pink Panther's Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Such a great time at Pink Panther's! Great combination of relaxed and fun-loving atmosphere, excellent staff who make sure the guests have a great time, and an excellent location.

Amsterdam Hostel Orfeo

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Completely overcharged. 30-40 Euros a night with: no lockers, no kitchen, dirty bathrooms (and only 2 for the entire building), bad wi-fi, and to top it all off, they charge 3 EUROS PER BAG for putting stuff in the bag check. Not a deposit, but a payment. Absolutely ridiculous. I would not recommend this hostel to anyone, pretty much the only good thing was its location in proximity to other stuff, but it was also quite noisy due to its being right next to several bars.


For charging $25/night in a 14 person dorm you do NOT get what you pay for. I have payed half that in other hostels throughout the world and gotten (a) much friendlier and organized service, (b) complimentary breakfast, (c) well maintained and cleaned facilities, (d) proper access to doors and full size lockers. Chef Hostel has a nice atmosphere with the other travelers, but the facilities themselves left so much to be desired, especially at the costly price of $25 a night.

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1. israel is one of the most expensive countries in the world incl.western countries. besides the tarrif of 25$ is high season tarrif because of the passover leave. 2. i wonder why have you expanded your stay from 2 nights to 6 nights have we been so bad. you gave us an average of 46% which desn't reflect at all the quality of our hostel i wonder what kind of ulterior motive stands behind ?!