Reviews: Anonymous


Cinque Terre, Italy

Great place to stay

B&B Il Magnifico

Florence, Italy

Loved everything about it!

Haus Christine

Salzburg, Austria

Very nice facilities, if a bit far away (its a train stop from the city center). Christine is a very nice lady!

Charles Bridge Economic Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

WOW. What a great place to stay. affordable, unbeatable location, FANTASTIC staff. Can't say enough good things.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Had a blast! Great place if you're trying to hang out and meet tons of people (lots of English speakers). Bar in the ground floor definitely a plus for us! If you're looking for a quiet, sleepy place, probably not the best though.

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A bit far away, but very nice. More like a hotel, really. Very clean, very modern.