Reviews: Anonymous

Plug-Inn Boutique Hostel

Paris, France

The facilities were updated and relatively modern. The room was WAY too small for 3 taller than average people and a large number of bags. The room was extremely dusty and the shower head was broken so we got water all over the floor of the small bathroom. We understood that this is Paris and accepted this lack of space par for the course The staff was generally unfriendly and didn't bother to tell us about the breakfast times and other amenities. I have stayed at much nicer places for much less

YHA London Central

London, England

This is a dormitory type hostel in central London. The facilities were clean and well maintained and the room was spacious enough for four people and their bags. It lacked the charm of a local hotel and felt like a chain: unconcerned with making your trip personal and memorable but nice enough not to warrant any serious complaints.