Reviews: Anonymous

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I stayed here for two nights and had two completely different nights here. The first night I was placed in a room with 4 crazy Italians. 3 of them had already done shrooms when I first walked in, and the 4th one was the designated babysitter. All of them were smoking weed in the shower. That was an interesting night, but not really the type of company I had been hoping for. They left the next morning and maintenance came through and did a really good job of cleaning the place up.

Fabric Hostel & Club

Naples, Italy

I was planning on staying two nights in Naples, but then I got mugged. I only stayed one night because of this. Hostel not in the safest part of town. Advise against staying there, even if the building itself is quite safe.

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

The hostel is fantastic. The staff really make you feel welcome at their hostel. I wish the location could have been a bit better because the place is not the easiest to find. It is not too far from the metro, which can easily take you amywhere in the city, so dont let location stop you. Just know that it is not in the most central of locations. The staff are great and I really cant give them enough praise!