Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel Valley

Milan, Italy

The hostel was pretty good. The beds were ok. The shower was very small and most of the time had no pressure. It was hard to get warm water. Sometimes I had to shower in cold water. The location was pretty close to the train station which was convenient.

Lulu Rooms

Cinque Terre, Italy

The hostel was in a good area but we were right next the the train station. Every 15 minutes it sounded like you were getting hit by a train. The stairway getting to the run was unsafe. My son fell but didn't get hurt. The railings were made of rope and the treads were very slippery made of marble. The room was good and the beds are comfortable. The bathroom was good but only 10 feet from an on coming train.

Appia Guesthouse

Rome, Italy

We really enjoyed our stay at Appia. The beds were very comfortable. Its a good value for the money. The location was also pretty good.