Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Israel, Age: 48

Hotel Sergul

London, England

This is not a Hotel but a Guest-House, the owners live in that house and rent out some rooms. In any case the owner was very nice and the rooms clean with coffee inside. The first day I immidiately asked for a Fan but my request was not answered for the first night nor for the sixth night which was what put a damper on my stay since it was a very hot summer in London, long before I arrived. and opening the windows only invited-in the street noise, ambulance/police, people talking loud etc.....

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Unfortunately it was impossible to buy a fan in London to my disbelief, obviously for the reason the gentleman has given. London's heat wave was very unusual. The weather did cool down nearer to the end of your stay and I hope you found some comfort then.

Anwar House

London, England

I enjoyed my stay at your Hotel, I just wish you included a small fridge and coffee making facilities as I ordered them (paid for) all those things included. Also, I would like a small fan when I return in the summer as it will serve 2 purposes one it will be a nice breeze and two it will drown-out the rickety floor noises all over the place that bothered my sleep. I didn't like the tiny sink in the washroom that had separate taps for hot and cold water, It's hard to wash the face without spill