Reviews: Anonymous

Aga Hamam Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Located in Taksim near the clubs so it's loud at night, and the street to reach it is super sketchy at night (though there are people around so I'm sure you're safe). The staffer I interacted with seemed to speak no English. The whole building seemed old and worn down (but also under renovation - like for some reason all their salon furniture is super fancy and new looking). Facilities were okay but I would not have wanted to use the hamam. But it was cheap = worth it. You get what you pay for.

Emre Cave House

Goreme, Turkey

Everything was pretty clean except there was sand/grass on the floor of the room, so I felt like I had to wear shoes at all times or I'd get stuff in my bed. Also, for a day or two there was no soap in the bathrooms. But great location and great value. And their food is very cheap.

Plug-Inn Boutique Hostel

Paris, France

It´s great to have bathrooms in the room instead of sharing with everyone on the floor. Staff was extremely helpful - I saw one woman go to great lengths to help two girls plan out how they should get to their next destination. Linen was definitely fresh (unlike some hostels where you can't tell). Great location in Montmartre, which is a cool area (though touristy). I didn't wake up in time for the included breakfast so I appreciated that they left out extra rolls left over from breakfast.