Reviews: Anonymous

MPS Waterland Amsterdam

Amsterdam, Netherlands

MPS was great. The owner/operator is so nice and provides an awesome breakfast in the morning included in the payment to stay there. The rooms have 2 beds and a sink. The beds are very comfortable! The showers and bathrooms are clean and there is hot water and good water pressure. There is no WIFI which can be a downside, but many cafes in the area have WIFI so it wasnt too big of a hassle.

Daisy Apartment

Rome, Italy

There was NO hot water, the shower head was broken so water sprayed everywhere, , the bathroom is smaller than a bathroom on an airplane, and the room was big enough for 4, but they split you up into 2 separate rooms to take our money. ALSO, NO WIFI after paying 40 euro a night to stay there ... Campsites for 9 euro a night have wifi but an apartment did not.