Reviews: Anonymous

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is one stop away from Amsterdam Central Station, so while the location isn't central, it's really easy to get there. The location itself is in the middle of a business district, it seems. But I felt safe there. The rooms were amazing. They looked and felt like a hotel. My room had a TV, toilet, and a separate room with a shower, and the sink was out in the room for anyone to use. The first night I stayed there my room was INSANELY expensive, over 30 Euro, and absolutely not worth it.

Hostel Beauty

Rome, Italy

The hostel was clean and having an en suite bathroom was an amazing convenience. The staff was friendly (especially the one man whose name I forget; he was only there one night a week). The biggest problem was the WiFi; there was no working WiFi on the third floor. WiFi only really worked in the lobby and on that floor. So if you were on any other floor you were out of luck. But the location is central and close to 2 Metro stops and walking distance from most sites.