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Location: Turkey, Gender: Male, Age: 25

Guesthouse Barcelona Gotic

Barcelona, Spain

Everything is very good at this hostel but there is a bad thing too. Shower head in bathroom that at ground floor is very rusty. I mean it's almost covered by rust. Luckily there are 2 other showers in hostel. Other than these it's very nice.

Pension Enebral

Madrid, Spain

I'm not going to say it's good parts because other than wifi everything is very fine. But wifi is pretty bad actually. There is no wifi connection in the room and there is no lobby in the hostel. Because of that I had to connect wifi in the very narrow corridor. But other than this it's very very nice place to say. I can definetly recommend to anyone.

Pau Claris - Segunda

Barcelona, Spain

First of all you must know this is not an hostel or hotel or bed and breakfast or something like that. Someguy's rent their rooms. It's not clean. There are 5 pillows on my bed when I got here and my spidersense warned me all the time about these are not washed. If you are ok with that you can couch surfing for free insted of this.

Liberty Hotel Paris

Paris, France

It's very near to metro station and train station. I can say this is a clean place but little overpriced like Paris.

Luna-Park Hotel

Paris, France

It is a very affordable place for Paris I can say this. But I must say if I go to Paris again I will not stay here. I mean staff are very kind especially the guys in the reception. But I cannot say this is a clean place. I mean there is no dirt or filth. But furniture and other things are all damaged and very old. There are almost 5 cigarette burns on bedspread and they are still using it. And this thing almost like 20 year old.And if you are turn from wrong street things can go bad very quickly

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

This is a very clean and nice hostel. It's between the train station and city center. On foot 10 minutes far to both. There are 3 wifi connection but none of them is reachable from my room that at 3rd floor. But you can get very fast wifi connection in the lobby that at ground floor. Showers and toilets are very clean. Only bad thing that I can say about here their rules. I mean the rules are not bad, the bad thing is fines those about 100 to 500 euros. It makes me very nervous.

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Thank you for your comment. The so called "rules" you're mentioning are meant to be funny and satiric, it's a made-up list full of jokes and one-liners, they obviously don't have to be taken seriously :-) so no need to be nervous or anything! Relax! :-)

Amsterdam Hotelboat

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Toilets and showers are clean but there is no soap in soap dispenser. And the wifi connection is very very bad. In my room wifi signal was very weak for connect. I have to go upstairs to connect internet but after 5 minutes a problem occured in router I think. I cannot connect to wifi anywhere in the boat. Other than these things it is a very fine hostel. It is downtown, very near to train station.