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Flying Pig Beach Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Need more than one computer, since the only one has “an attitude” as the staff put it. Too far away from main attractions, even though the shuttle is cheap it does not run enough, raise the price & run it more would help. The staff for the most part were nice, one guy was late everyday and made us wait for the shuttle twice. Thankfully, the other staff offered items or services in return to make up for his unprofessionalism. Prices were good for food & drinks, although a bigger kitchen would help with a


Having to walk to another building up the street in a sketchy neighbourhood after checking in at the main building, which is not that easy to find to begin with, was a bit of a pain. The showers went from hot to cold every minute, the place was not cleaned regularly and had a damp feeling. There was black mold in the showers and on the ceilings of the room. The meal was nice, but was more expensive than the previous 2 hostels in Lisbon I stayed at, and the staff Vinny was cool. Thumbs down.

Urban Garden Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Nick was a great help and made the stay entertaining. I stayed most of the day of my check out just to hang out and win a beer pong challenge. They were in no rush to make any of us leave after check out and were helpful with directions. Free breakfast and 1 Euro for supper is an amazing deal. Out of 5 hostels I have stayed at around Europe, the Gspot ranks a high 2nd. If you like to party and enjoy good company, stay here. The only negative was the cold shower & moist towel I was given.

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So great to hear you had a great time here at the Gspot Hostel. As for the cold showers, our biggest apologies, as we told everyone, one of the guys came home after a big night out and had a shower and left the hot water running for 8 hours, we apolgize(d) some guys just cant keep up with the party. The moist towel on the other hand, first caught me off guard, yikes moist, what an uncomfortable word, all I can say is we always hope guests can tell us if something is wrong, we have literally dozens of towels, and if we knew would switch it immediately with a great nice new fresh one.

Yes! Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Other than having dorm rooms, this hostel could be considered a hig ranking hotel. Yes! has everything a traveller needs and more. Out of all the hostels I have stayed in, this is by far the absolute best. Don't bother looking anywhere else, stay at Yes!