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Brian is so kind and we had a wonderful time staying here. It is about a 20 minute walk into town and an hour walk to Inch Beach, but they will transport you if you request it. The room was clean, breakfast is included, wifi access, and excellent service.

Paddy's Palace Killarney

Killarney, Ireland

I enjoyed my stay her and would definitely stay here again. It was clean, inviting, great value, awesome location, wifi access, and breakfast is included. The only reason I marked off for security is because the rooms are actual key access so if you're staying in a 12 bed dorm and the last person forgets to lock the door, then you're sleeping in an unlocked room all night.

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

The location and atmosphere of the place make it a great choice if you're debating between a few hostels. Its five minutes to the bus stop, five minutes to the train station, and ten minutes to the main shopping area. There is an actual bar downstairs that plays live music all night and their prices are affordable. Pretty cool place to hang out and meet new people. The only real negative about this place for me was the staff. They just weren't very welcoming and seemed to be hating their job.

Globetrotters/The Townhouse

Dublin, Ireland

I stayed in the 12 bed mixed dorm and had to change my bed the first day because it smelled of mildew. The location is really ideal because it is situated between the main bus stop and the city center, but I would have preferred to stay elsewhere. Out of the 10 hostels I've stayed in over the past month, this was by far my least favorite. The worst thing about this hostel was how dirty the room was and I don't think the sheets were washed regularly.

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Thank you for your comment. Im a bit confused because you or your party of 3 did not change room at any time during your three day stay. To suggest the room was not clean is wrong and linen is changed regularly and always fresh linen is supplied for each guest. The rooms are serviced daily but unfortunatly when you are in shared accomadation other people may not be as tidy as yourselves. Your were in and paid for a 12 bed dormitory. Again thank you for your feedback.


Belfast, Northern Ireland

Loved this placed. One of the best hostel experiences I've had. The staff was amazing and kind. The rooms were spacious and clean. The hostel had wifi and breakfast included. The whole place was decorated to perfection and everyday you would find something new to look at on the walls. I stayed in the 12 bed mixed dorm and would stay here again in a heartbeat.

Dolby Hotel

Liverpool, England

This is just your standard hotel, but what made it stand out was the location and the awesome staff. Its right on Albert Dock and a ten minute walk to the shopping plaza. Breakfast isn't included, but their prices are affordable. I love Liverpool accents and the people working here are so kind.

Rock N Bowl Hostel

Bristol, England

I stayed in a 12 bed mixed dorm and I don't think I would stay here again. The place is pretty cool and they have neat showers that are private, but my room just seemed dirty and unkept. It was also very cramped and didn't have lockers. I went to sleep around 2:00am with 4 other people in the room and woke up at 8:00am to all the beds being taken and the smell was horrible. It was a weird experience.

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

The best thing about this hostel is the location. Its right next to the park and a short walk away from the palace. The room could have been cleaner, but overall this hostel is a good one. Pros:Location, staff, value Cons: Cleanliness, breakfast