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Hatters at Hilton Chambers

Manchester, England

The music playing over the wired speakers into eating area and other areas could be turned way down. The % of guests that actually want top 40 type music or whatever is probably low. Overall good value and hope to return.

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Pass your experience over to us! We would be happy for you to broaden our musical horizons :)


For the free breakfast, it would be nice to have options which have little or no sugar. For example, bread can still be cheap but whole wheat slices, plain yogurt, etc.

Hostel Anton

Tivat, Montenegro

Great bargain for this town; I'll return when I'm back in Tivat. The use of the kitchen saves $$. There's a lot of space at this hostel which is another forte. They showed me a free space room inside where I could work. Nice balconies. Walking distance into the town was just a few minutes and was scenic. This hostel has some parts that are work in progress. My only critique: take up the older carpet in certain areas and have just slab concrete until tile or new carpet goes down.