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Smart Place Gare du Nord

Paris, France

Staff was crazy helpful... Had some booking problems and they helped me sort them out by docking the price on a private, as all the dorms were full up (I prefer dorms). Thanks, guys :) Kitchen was a little disappointing... No stove, but hot plates worked just fine. No real organization, but relatively clean, for a kitchen used by god knows how many people. Really, really close to the metro/train station Gare du Nord! Was a relief :) Loved meeting people in the common room, bc the wifi was there

Globe Backpackers Exeter

Exeter, England

No customer comment

Salmon Weir Hostel

Galway, Ireland

I stayed here for a little over a week... And I fell in love with them. The staff is incredible, and very willing to help you with any problems, give suggestions about the town itself, etc. The rooms are nice, while a little tight-you have to get creative when storing your stuff (I put my big Backpack underneath the bunk bed... There are lockers in each room for you to stash your valuables). Everything is cleaned every day, and they're okay with doing some laundry. Safe and convenient location.