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I am sad to say the hostel has lowered its standards since the last time I visited. A little bit pricey for what you get.

Kick Ass Hostels

Edinburgh, Scotland

I had a great experience in this hostel, I would stay here again for sure. The food in the bar was good although it was too bad the breakfast was not included (and it wasn't so cheap inside the hostel)


This hostel was awesome! I think it is the first one ever to which I give full marks. They won my heart with cheesecake, they really did, and I had never had such a great breakfast in a hostel as I did here. The staff was soooo nice, the atmosphere was cool and their recommendations for places to visit were spot on. I have to say I expected something more modern but in the end, the cozy feeling in this hostel made my experience in Cardiff great.


I am sad to say the hostel has lowered its standards since the last time I visited. A little bit pricey for what you get.


I am sad to say the hostel has lowered its standards since the last time I visited. A little bit pricey for what you get.


Awesome hostel! We had such a great time...

Hola Hostel Eixample

Barcelona, Spain

I really liked this hostel, it was close to the city center and really well connected with the public transport system. Some members of the staff were friendly, one was kind of rude though. Would definitely stay here again :)

Garden House Hostel

Porto, Portugal

This was the noisiest hostel I've ever been! I mean, noise is always expected in hostels but this was unbelievable, people arrived at 1am to continue their party and were screaming so much, it was surprising that the staff didn't told them to turn down the volume. Another thing was that the staff didn't knew some of the activities to do in Porto, kind of insider tips such as where are the free wine tastings.

Old Town Lagos Hostel

Lagos, Portugal

It was a good hostel, though It wasn't anything out of the ordinary. The staff was friendly and Maia is a lovely person, they were really accommodating when we had to leave early, they even served breakfast earlier for us which was great.

Inn Possible Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

It's a pretty good hostel, the staff was friendly and it was close to almost everything. However, it was kind of hidden in a hill, to get there, you have to take an elevator that closes at 9pm. So when we arrived late, we had to make kind of a detour and climb a little bit, normally it wouldn't be a problem but I had an injury in my ankle and it was kind of impractical! But everything else was great.

PILOT Design Hostel & Bar

Porto, Portugal

Great hostel

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Good hostel...

Piraeus Inn

Piraeus, Greece

Kind of difficult to find and the room was not so clean

Villa Dimitris

Santorini, Greece

We loved how cozy this hostel was. One thing I liked the most is that they actually pick you up at the port (unlike many other experiences I have had where they just end up making excuses....) And trust me, if you are arriving at 1am after 8 hours of being in a ferry, super tired, this is about the best thing they can offer. It was very clean, Rula and Costas were so kind and is 5min walk from the black beach.


Athens, Greece

Overall, it was a pretty good hostel.Two complains though: breakfast consisted of only coffee and bread, it was so small, other guests would take all the bread (literally!)and sometimes we ended up with nothing...we ended up buying our own breakfast. The other thing was that there were a lot, a lot of bugs; the quantity of mosquitos in our room was exasperating. There were also big cockroaches, although they had to cats that hunted them (...played with them) but the dead bugs would stay there :S

Hotel Benvenuti

Florence, Italy

Is a pretty average hostel, don't expect anything great. Some of the staff weren't so nice, the breakfast was really overpriced for what they gave. They also made us leave the key anytime we went outside, which was weird and didn't feel so safe... I expected something better from what I read online but I guess It did the trick in the end, we just needed a place to sleep for few nights.

B&B Da Mila

Florence, Italy

It is a good hostel although it seemed more like an apartment adapted to be a hostel. Very close to the central station although it doesn't seem like it in the map. The breakfast in the morning was superb.

Youthhostel Bern

Bern, Switzerland

The hostel was not very clean and the surrounding area smelled really bad. There were bugs everywhere, I even saw a cockroach in the bathroom...

Mountain Hostel

Grindelwald, Switzerland

Awesome hostel, spotless clean and the staff was friendly. It's a little far away from town but they give you a card to take the local bus for free (you end up saving a lot of money in public transportation!), they also give access to a sport center and a pool. It has a lounge with games, the reception closes early though, so you can't play after 10pm because it has locks on everything.