Reviews: Anonymous

Local Hostel Manaus

Manaus, Brazil

We had an amazing time at Local Hostel Manaus. We stayed 5 nights, and couldn't ask for more. The staff was wonderful, the location was perfect, and Manaus has so much to explore, I wish I had more time there!


Great location, Great atmosphere, Great staff. Room was small, and maybe a little hard to secure a shower, but still one of the better hostels I've stayed at. Good bar crawl, good bar in hostel, I have a very very fun stay, and wish I was still in Riga!

Soul Kitchen

St Petersburg, Russia

I had read many reviews that said "best hostel ever", and I thought that was impossible, but after staying with Soul Kitchen Junior, I can't believe such a place exists. The location is great, the staff is awesome, the rooms are spacious, and it is clean. You will feel at home, and don't need to look at anywhere else to stay!


Without comparing to any other hostels in Split, I would say stay at CroParadise Blue. After hearing from other travelers at other hostels, I will say, DEFINITELY stay here. It is a fairly small hostel, very conveniently located, and the staff was great. Laundry service was good, they booked great day trips for us, suggested great restaurants, and showed us a perfect stay. It doesn't hurt that Split is the best city in Europe either.