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Amsterdam, Netherlands

My boyfriend and I had a really good stay at the Ecomama Hostel. We loved the Eco-atmosphere and liked our room too! The whole vibe that comes with the hostel is very friendly and inviting. Our room was clean and the hostel seems to be very secure too. I loved the "Honesty-Bar" in the kitchen which was pretty much the cheapest way to drink something in Amsterdam for us :D It was a little bummer, that there was no breakfast included though! Anyways we loved the stay and we'd come back anytime!

Stayokay Amsterdam Stadsdoelen

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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The New York Loft Hostel

New York, USA

The hostel is modern and very clean. The rooms are light and the lockers are rather big. I arrived too early for the check-in, but I could store my stuff in a storage room all day. You can do the same during the day of your departure for a 3$ fee. The hostel is located close to a subway station, so it's no problem at all to drive from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The breakfast is a little too early (from 6-9am) but pretty good anyways. I loved the coloured arrows on the walls leading you everywhere.


When I arrived I had to realize, that the "Free Wi-fi" doesn't work in the room. You have to go to the common area and even there the signal wasn't that good. The rooms and especially the bathrooms were not clean at all and always too cold or overheated. The bed was rather uncomfortable. It should be said too, that the free breakfast only lasts from 6am-8am so it's just for people that get up early. The location is amazing though, but that is the only positive aspect. Wouldn't stay there again.

Old City Philly House

Philadelphia, USA

I've seen hostels across the USA for 3 months now and this is by far the very best one I've stayed in. The rooms are very clean and super new. So are the kitchen, the bathrooms and the common area. The staff is simply awesome and fun to hang out with. Everyone is very helpful too. In fact this was my second stay at the hostel, because I had such amazing days the first time. I was not dissapointed this time either! The hostel is located central and the front desk is open 24h, which is really good


The hostel is rather far outside, but it is definitely a cheap alternative to the expensive ones in the center. What is great about the hostel though, is that there is a free shuttle driving to the next subway station every 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon even until 11pm. The rooms and common areas are clean and tidy. The staff was helpful and answering all questions. The breakfast is very basic, but good enough to start your day. You can also buy cheap water bottles at the front desk.

Hostel Buffalo Niagara

Buffalo, USA

I only booked a room for 2 nights to see the Niagara Falls, but the hostel is great. It's very clean and in a good location. It's easy to get to the bus station, where you can catch a bus to the Falls. The staff was very friendly, welcoming and helpful. There is a great café nearby to where you can enjoy a good breakfast. There is construction work in front of it right now though so you cannot drive to the front with a car. The elevator inside is awesome when you have lots of luggage!

Parthenon Hostel

Chicago, USA

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Old City Philly House

Philadelphia, USA

This easily the best hostel I've stayed in so far. The staff is awesome and I had a lot of fun. The rooms are modern and the beds are comfortable. You have to take of your shoes when you enter, which I thought was kind of neat. In the common area there is a wii and often the staff will sing and play songs together, which encourages everyone to have a good time. On wednesdays everyone is invited to go to a Karaoke bar, which I thought was great too! Note though: There is no breakfast included!

HI Baltimore

Baltimore, USA

The hostel is located rather central and you can easily walk to Downtown Baltimore. It's also not too far away from the famous Aquarium and the Inner Harbour. The building itself is really nice and very clean! The entrance hall/common area is very big and so is the kitchen. You reiceive door codes for the entrance door and the room door, though the front door one never worked. The bathrooms inside the dorms were clean too and the staff is very friendly and helpful. I enjoyed my stay.

Miami Hostel

Miami, USA

If you're young and want to party, this is the place to go! It's a very big, modern place with a hotel-like atmosphere.It has a bar, a jacuzzi and a billard table. The breakfast is VERY basic though. All you'll receive is a bagel in a bagel, that's it. The rooms look clean, but I did find a cockroach the other day, so that was not too good of a surprise. The one thing that kind of annoyed me too, was that you can't control the air conditioning yourself. I would stay there again though.


I really, really liked the atmosphere in the hostel. I had a great time relaxing and hanging out with the other hostel guests. The room was quite big so that was nice too! The bathroom was kind of cold though and I didn't like the fact, that you can't lock the door to the bathroom in a 8 bed dorm. The internet connection was really, really bad too! Apart from that I enjoyed the central location and the little yard inside.