Reviews: Anonymous

Ashfield Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Staff was very helpful

Enrico Hotel

London, England

Very good accomodations -- just what we were looking for-- a clean, comfortable, safe, place close to Victoria Station. Would definitely book again. We had a very enjoyable stay at Enrico

Hostelle - Female Only Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Excellent stay. Friendly and very helpful staff. Only criticisms are the refrigerator is too small for all the guests there & the freezer was so frozen over as to be completely unusable. Also, while the directions to find Hostelle from Bijlmer Arena Station make perfect sense in daytime, at night it's more difficult (lights are off at Lidl, can exit station from wrong side) Hostelle will be one of the first places I consider when returning to Amsterdam (unless my husband is travelling with me)