Reviews: Anonymous

A&O Nuernberg Hauptbahnhof

Nuremberg, Germany

This was a great hostel, right near the train station, free wifi on the main floor, lockable storage in the dorms, shower and toilet in the dorms, and very clean. You have to pay for your own linen, but the facilities were great.

Smart Stay Hotel Station

Munich, Germany

Good hostel, in a great location. The downsides: wifi isn't free, no air conditioning and limited bathrooms and showers (I think 4 showers total for 4 floors). The rooms have a sink in them and it was very clean.

Welcome Home

Rome, Italy

This was a great hostel, the owner is very friendly and helpful. He makes you a cappuccino in the morning with a croissant. The downside: there was no wifi in the bedrooms so you have to go into the hall but the connection wasn't very good. Also, the showers were cold the two nights we were there which may not always be the case. It is in a great location, a 30 second walk to the train and bus station and very near the vatican.

Cinque Terre Holidays

Cinque Terre, Italy

Cinque Terre hostels and hotels are interesting, they all have a hub on the main street and then lead you to separate flats around the small town so I'm sure they are all very similar. The man who checks you in isn't very helpful, but the room was clean. There wasn't any way to lock your stuff in the room and you are sharing with about 12 other people. There is one shower and toilet and a small kitchen and it was all very clean. The main door was often left unlocked by our roommates.


We ended up staying in the private apartment down the street and got our own room (there were three of us) which was clean and the door locked. Four rooms shared two showers and two toilets. There was wifi in the whole building and a kitchen area with biscuits and cereal.

Central Backpackers

Oxford, England

You have wifi and outlets in your bedroom, but no locker storage in the rooms. The atmosphere was great, everyone was friendly. There was a TV room separate from the hangout/computer room and everyone was very friendly.

Bath Backpackers

Bath, England

The laundry service wasn't great but its cheap. The kitchen and hang out area was nice but not great for socializing (the tv was always on and there wasn't enough seating). The rooms and bathrooms were clean and security was good. There was wifi in each bedroom but the only locker storage was downstairs in the lobby.

Rock N Bowl Hostel

Bristol, England

The bathrooms were coed and the showers were very dirty. The room was clean, but the only locker storage was on the main floor. The hostel was extremely loud as it was next to a bowling alley with live music playing outside. The kitchen was great.

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

The kitchen was great and you get free breakfast. Downstairs is a small bar with live music. The hostel is very safe with multiple key in locations and you have wifi and locker storage in your bedroom.


Galway, Ireland

The hostel was great, small so you could get to know people, in a good location. The kitchen was large and easily accessible. The only downsides: no wifi upstairs in the bedrooms and no locker storage in the bedrooms. But there is locker storage downstairs and the staff is very friendly.

Generator Hostel Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

The hostel was very clean and safe with locker storage in your room. There was wifi in the rooms and outlets on each bed. There really was no kitchen for practical use and this hostel is better if you are in a bigger group and will enjoy the downstairs bar.