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Retro House St Petersburg

St Petersburg, Russia

location was really good so close to everywhere.staff was good really helpful.Also kitchen was available to do everything we want.Also wifi was really great we can use it everywhere.


It was quite good hostel.So they were hospitality.They welcome us with a beer..:))all the facilities were great and bar too.Also it is in the downtown.So close to the everywhere.I definetly recommend this hostel

Camping Serenissima

Venice, Italy

it was in quite good location.Far from city but you can find bus at least in 20 minutes.But it is a great place if you want to stay long time and camping

Mamma Mia

Rome, Italy

when we arrived mamma mia, we were exhausted.we were expecting a good hostel and rest. but owner sent us another hostel because of the construction.And nobody let us know nothing !!!!