Reviews: Anonymous

Bed´nBudget Hostel Hannover

Hannover, Germany

This hostel was a little bit strange since it was attatched to a pretty fancy hotel. Didn't have the travellers hostel vibe that most do and there weren't too many people staying there. There were no computers to use as well. The location was pretty far from the central, with not too much to do around the hostel. The beds were very comfortable though and there was alot of space to store your stuff including lockers. Also good ventilation and air circulation. Also very nice bathrooms.


This hostel was great! The staff were very friendly and even invited me to hang out with them. The rooms were good and had its own bathroom. Computers were also available. It was also so close to the beach which was an awesome asset.


This hostel was very crowded especially the room that i had stayed in. There was no room whatso ever to store your stuff. The room was poorly lighted and had horrible ventalation. Beds felt closed in and claustraphobic. The staff were usually very short with me. Didn't have that same hostel feel good vibe that alot of places have. The building was nice, as well as the common room btu there should have been more computers for the amount of people staying in the hostel.