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Loved walking in and seeing half the hostel in the common room jamming out and socializing. It made us feel welcome without even stepping foot into the place.

Equity Point Centric

Barcelona, Spain

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Sant Jordi Hostel Gracia

Barcelona, Spain

Very lively atmosphere. We just missed the free pasta when we checked in. Location is good. The metro is a couple blocks away and the landmarks are within walking distance.

Hostel Pastoral

Nice, France

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The location is within walking distance of everything you would want to see. The staff was excellent and very helpful! They reccomended the best pizza for the money we have ever tasted and they also set up a free Salsa lesson the first night we stayed. We liked it so much that we booked a second night!

PLUS Camping Roma

Rome, Italy

The hostel is a bit outside the city and it does get kind of cold at night. But there is a grocery store right across the street, they give you warm blankets, there is a shower room, and it's insanely cheap! If you can handle the elements fairly well (it's just like camping) and cvan get by without a stove, this is the place for you!

Youth Meeting Home

Florence, Italy

Where do I start? First off, we couldn't find the place because it has no signs. After about an hour of asking around the plaza, we finally found it and the sign. We walk in and have to go up about 4 flights of steps until we reach the entrance. Mind you - we had to figure this out on our own because there were no signs telling us where to go. Whe we walked in, the staff was not welcoming at all and we almost had to ask them where to check in. Once we were there, it was ok, but it was weird.


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The people at the front were extremely helpful and breakfast was absolutely fantastic!

Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This place was our favorite place to stay on the entire trip! We loved the staff and the atmosphere was so relaxing. Not to mention the close proximity to the Dutch countryside. We really enjoyed getting away from the city and just relaxing a little bit. We plan on coming back and have reccomended it to friends who will be visiting soon!

Bru Bar & Hostel

Cork, Ireland

For the location of where the place was and what you got for what you paid, I feel the price is a little high. We paid less for better accomodations, better breakfast, more secure luggage storage, and better location.

Abigails Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

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