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Location: New Zealand, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Excellent place - clean, comfy beds, big lockers, great staff. Not much atmosphere but still a very comfortable and cheap, convenient place to stay.

Oops Design Hostel

Paris, France

Great place - the staff were friendly and funny, nice and cheap, clean and modern, with good wifi and breakfast. A bit of a lack of atmosphere, but all in all a great place to stay.

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Thank you for your comment! Hope to see you soon! Oops! Staff


Very cheap place to stay, nice pub below, friendly staff. Biggest downsides were the toilet/shower situation and the plugs in rooms. One toilet with a broken shower for an entire floor of around six rooms. Downstairs, the urinal was closed for three days straight, didn't seem to be being fixed, and another toilet closed also. It just seemed like a rundown place that cared more about the bar patrons than the hostel.

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Good hostel. Safe, lots of keys required to get into your room (4 different keys from the front door to your room!), good lockers, spacious rooms. Bathrooms were a letdown - showers very difficult/impossible to get on the right temperature, sprays everywhere except on your body, at times the water just stopped completely so I couldn't wash out the shampoo in my hair, or the shaving cream on my face. Very inconvenient! Good location near Rome Termini.


Good place. Pros - multilingual staff, location near enough to train stations to get into town or anywhere, bathrooms in every room, wifi that actually works, kitchen. Cons - 'free breakfast' is one croissant. I call that a light snack, not brekkie. The lift was dodgy, got stuck with noone in it for a day and sometimes didn't come to your floor, laundry expensive (€8 for small load washed and dried), and kitchen 'closed for cleaning' after 11am when it was supposed to be open.


Expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for (and it's an expensive area in general). The beds are so comfortable, personal light and plug points, good lockers in room, lots of floor space for bags. Good security with key cards at front door and room doors, in the best part of LA - clean, good shopping, one block from the beach/pier. Great breakfast provided, cereal, bagels, bread, yoghurt, tea/coffee/juice. The showers were cold both times I had one during my stay! Maybe just bad timing?


Cheap hostel, in a fantastic waterfront location - but don't follow google maps and walk along the sea wall bike path at night to get there, walk in via Franklin Street - much better lighting. 24 bed rooms are huge, but people were pretty good about being quiet. Great under bed lockers. Basic bathrooms, and breakfast is pretty stingy - 1 bagel, 1 cup of coffee and supposedly a piece of fruit that I couldn't see. But it was super cheap.

City Hostel Seattle

Seattle, USA

Fantastic hostel. One of the best I've stayed in. Very tight on security, actively checking everyone who comes in the door but staying friendly about it. Julia does an amazing introduction spiel! The separate toilet/shower rooms give you a feeling of privacy more like a hotel than a hostel - a great touch. Kitchens on every floor, good free breakfast. One downside was the lack of plugs on the wall, had to part with my phone for the night to charge it :( But all in all, an A hostel.


Great place, but big, so you don't get to know everyone. Go on the hostel trips so you can meet like minded people. Great kitchen, location and security. Only downside is if you're on the road side of the hostel you get cigarette smoke wafting through the window all night (enough to give me a headache), but there's not much they can do about it. Fantastic hostel, would stay there again.

Big Apple Hostel

New York, USA

Negatives - Wifi is only accessible from the lobby, no lockers in rooms, and some of the staff seemed to not particularly enjoy life. No kitchen, no common room, no 'hostel' feel - more like a rundown hotel. Positives: location, location and location. Basically in Times Square.


Great hostel, fantastic staff.


The night staff and day staff seem to not have a lot of communication - we came in late in the evening to find a very disorganised night staff member struggling to keep up with the arrivals. Also feels like a pretty seedy area at night.

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Thanks for your feedback. We have policies in place to ensure thorough communication between shifts, but I have made sure to reiterate these policies to our staff thanks to your feedback. Due to summer schedules, we've hired and trained some new people. It's likely that the evening staff you met was still learning the ropes around here, and I'm sorry if you felt inconvenienced by this. Please contact us directly if there's anything else we can do to help rectify your issue.


Fantastic hostel - clean, feels safe, in a good area, so close to the beach, really easy to find. $5 pasta meals on Tuesday and free breakfasts are great. Staff were friendly, approachable, helpful and had a sense of humour.