Reviews: Anonymous

La Chimba Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Probably the hostel it’s quite good when it’s summer. But there wasn’t much to do and the staff didn’t help to cheer it up. The kitchen was ok. They need to refurbish the rooms and bathrooms. They didn’t have a window in the bathroom inside the room that I stayed, and it was 0 degrees outside during the night. My room was next to a karaoke bar, so if you have light sleep, careful.

Milhouse Hipo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nice party hostel. But even if you want to rest, it'll be ok. You don't listen the party going on down stairs. Good for those who are traveling alone. Bathrooms and kitchen are OK. Beds are not that good. But you will be tired enought to not care. The problem is, you can't get any wine or beer from outside to drink in the common area.

Ukelele Hostel

Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo its a really quiet town. But the hostel its really well located. They have a nice kitchen, good bathrooms and real nice music room. There are some bars and some restaurants near to the hostel, also a good point. I think its better in the summer, because you can use the pool. Its also ok if you are a lonely traveler. The common areas help to meet new people. The bike rental its expensive compare to other places. Search first.

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

The hostel was ok. They didn't have much, for the price that is. The bathrooms were ok, but really small, not a big problem. The staff was ok also, they organized a little party in the "lobby". The rooms were really small and in our room the AC was broken. We stayed only for one night, it was ok.

Art Hostel

Naples, Italy

We didn't stay actually in the hostel. They had a problem with overbook and we needed to stay in room that was 5 blocks away from the real hostel. The bathroom, what they tried to call it, was horrible. They only had one key of the place, and since we arrived late, they woke up another guest to open the door of the "special" room for us. Don't recommend this place.

Nana's Rooms

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The staff from the hostel was really helpfull. The location it's a little bit far from the city center, but nothing big, only 15 minutes walking. With taxi to the train station it's only 4 euros. The room it was really cool, but the only thing I recommend to the hostel to improve it's the bathroom. They need some restoration. Also, the bathroom didn't look really clean, but nothing major. It was a good hostel for a couple of nights.

Dar Lalla Kenza

Fez, Morocco

No customer comment

Trip and Friends

Marrakech, Morocco

We actually didn't stay in the hostel. They use this announcement to other hostels from the same owner. However, the room was really good. We had a lot of help from the staff, specially from Samir. The place that we stayed was 100 meters, little bit more of the hostel. The only problem was that we didn't have internet, we had to go to the other hostel to use it, but was ok. The bed was really good, the room was clean and was a quiet area. Careful with random people "trying" to help you.

Hatters Hostel- Liverpool

Liverpool, England

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The hostel is really well located. The staff it's really helpful. It's a really clean place. The only thing that I didn't like was th duche, they were small, but still, not a big problem. But still a good place to rest. It wasn't an excited place at the time we were there.