Reviews: Djlowry

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Elena Borgen

Managua, Nicaragua

Perfect for an early morning flight to the airport, Elena Borgen (or the Nicaragua Guest House) made everything a breeze. Everything that is, except finding it! The addresses in Nicaragua are difficult to manage with your standard Google Maps, so make sure to email them and ask specifically how you get to the hostel. I had to ask a couple police officers in the area. The room was comfortable and good sized, there was a TV to unwind after a fun trip, and the bathrooms were in good order.

Latina Hostal

Leon, Nicaragua

Awesome value! The staff was great when I was there - a pancake and banana breakfast and a willing host to take those of us out who preferred an adult beverage or two. The beds aren't the best in the world, but they sufficed. All in all, a great hostel if you're looking for a fairly social place, but able to get to know everyone who is staying there.


This hostel's views really are up to par with its boasts. The patio is breathtaking, and eating breakfast while overlooking Cusco is a great experience. There weren't any reviews on Hostelworld when I stayed; so I think the hostel is new to the site, so I'll give them a pass for not having my same-day reservation; as they were quick to accommodate and find me a room at 11:30p when I arrived cold and exhausted. The private room with bathroom is massive, and the facilities were A-ok.

Quito Airport Guesthouse

Quito, Ecuador

I loved this place; located close to the airport it's perfect for getting as much sleep as possible before an early flight. The dinner was reasonable and delicious, the room plenty large, and the wifi worked as well as anywhere in Ecuador. My cab was ready to go for $6 the next morning at 5a. Great experience.

Vibes Hostel

Quito, Ecuador

Super helpful staff who (Santiago you know what's up) bailed me out of a really bad situation where my bag was stuck at the UIO airport on a Friday night. The bar was dead when I was there but I've heard it can be the place to be. Close to everything and super friendly people stay there.

Hostal Marsella

Quito, Ecuador

Really good deal for a private room in Quito. There is not a lot to do in the area, but for a starting point in Ecuador, and for the price point, it's a really good deal. The hostel is super quiet, and in my experience people mostly kept to themselves. There seemed to be some sort of construction going on fairly early in the morning when I was there, so hopefully they finish / stop doing that.