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Thay wanted to charge me more then i should pay.. They wanted me to pay in dollars!!! And when i refused they told me that if i pay in Soles i need to it like 1 dollar equals 2.88 when in the same time the most high you can find in the city or banks is 2.77... Its like they have another business.. For taking dollars and change them in the streets! And in the first day in the hostal i needed to wait since 4 am till 2 pm just to do check in no mercy of the night bus, nothing! Just die...

Santa Mix Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

one of the best hostals I have been.. If you get to know Gorge is a great person he teach me to play on a guitar and made me fill that he did it with pleasure and not just because i wanted, every night we had something to do in town, thay have a board on the wall and they wright on it in the day whats going to be the plan for the night and everybody is invited.. We had BBQ in the rooftop and thay have a really nice cat! Usually i prefer dogs.. But this cat is so cute. And thay put good music!

Savigliano International Hostel

Mendoza, Argentina

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