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Auberge Bishop

Montreal, Canada

Don't stay here if you are asthmatic. It's super dusty. The kitchen also lacks a lot of utensils and cooking implements. Not ideal for a long stay. The location is incredible. The staff are very helpful.

Canadiana Backpackers Inn

Toronto, Canada

The facilities really lack. The kitchen barely has any utensils. Good luck trying to find a bowl or a spoon. Breakfast is also pretty bad and very poorly organised. Doing your washing is also pretty laborious. There are only two washing machines and two dryers available for the whole hostel. However one of the dryers is also broken. You cant use them before 3pm also. The closest toilet to my room flooded a bathroom for 2 days.

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Sorry that you were unhappy with your stay. We buy new cutlery and plates on a regular basis, this week in fact. We did have a dryer that had been acting up a bit but it has been fixed as well. Hopefully next time you will have a more pleasant stay.

Abbey Court

Dublin, Ireland

This hostel is social if you are a smoker. The court yard is packed with them. Otherwise it's difficult to meet people. The storage unit under my bed didn't lock. It was broken. There were tiny lockers available though if needed for small valuables. Location is EXCELLENT!!!

Abrahams Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I stayed here for 2 nights and this hostel was all that I needed for a short stay. It has all fhe basics so you can't go wrong really. Wifi is limited and there aren't many power supplies in the room to use for charging phones etc.

Tasso Hostel

Florence, Italy

Great location, great staff, awesome vibe

Bada Bing Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

The staff here are easily the best staff I've come across in my hostel experience. They are so helpful and incredibly welcoming. The hostel is a great place to meet new people, it's a very social space. The rooftop is perfect all day round. I would have no hesitation about staying here again.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rooms are incredibly cramped. The space between my bed and the next was 30 cm. the hostel really lacked facilities. I needed to leave my phone at reception everytime I needed to charge my phone as there were no power supply plugs in the room. This hostel would only be good for an incredibly short stay. I dreaded going back to my room as I felt like I was in someone's way. On the other hand the breakfast is really good and the courtyard is nice. Staff were rude to non English speakers

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

This hostel is really social and a great place to meet new people. It's also a little bit quirky but in the best way possible. A great home away from home. Facilities are excellent. Lots of showers/toilets/washing machines/dryers. The kitchen is also super spacious and also offers free pasta that you can cook yourself. It's also in an awesome location. Would definitely stay here again.

Jetpak Alternative

Berlin, Germany

I've never felt more at home whilst travelling overseas. The staff are so welcoming!!! The facilities are excellent. Free breakfast is DELICIOUS! Easily the coolest part of town to be staying in. I loved how easy it was to meet and socialise with other hostel residents. Special mention to staff member Bernie who was an absolute legend.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

The hostel itself has great facilities, comfy beds and a great vibe. The location is terrible. It's only a 10 minute walk into town, but I felt incredibly unsafe whenever I had to walk to and from town or when I had to walk to and from the station which is more of a 20 minute walk.

KEX Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

AN AMAZING LOCATION! AMAZING EVENTS! ... I wish laundry wasn't so expensive though. APART FROM THAT, INCREDIBLE!

St Christopher's Camden

London, England

There were very few facilities for the price you were paying. Rooms were cramped. Not much space to put anything apart from yourself. Bathrooms were mouldy. Kitchen space would be needed to convince people to pay as much as they are.