Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel Belfort

Paris, France

We liked here just fine, good enough location. The wi-fi was only in the downstairs lounge, which was too bad because this was our last stay in Europe and it was our relax night after doing stuff all day. For how expensive it is I was disappointed. But it was clean and the staff was really great. All in all it was not bad at all.

Giovanni's Home

Naples, Italy

Absolutely amazing, Giovanni's Home is one of the most incredible hostels. It's unique in that it is very homey and he sometimes cooks (he actually gave us a lesson on Italian cooking, it was wonderful!) for guests. He makes it easy to go around Naples and tells what to see. We didn't know what to do when we got there, but he sits you down when you arrive and shows you all about it. Very good price and very valuable memories. Thanks Giovanni! (your favorite couple, Elyse and Patricio)

Bella Beatrice

Rome, Italy

We really enjoyed our stay here. It was clean and in a good location. They also had a kitchen which was really nice and continental breakfast.


such a wonderful location! loved it