Reviews: Anonymous

Location: England, Gender: Male, Age: 56


Bangkok, Thailand

A very nice hostel, away from the hustle of the main backpackers area. 100m from a SkyTrain station, so easy to get around. Does not have a cafe, but offers a free basic breakfast and there are foodstalls at the station entrance.


Unhelpful and rude staff. Although a cafe is available, lunch is only served between 12 and 1, no exceptions! Apparently this is because "lunch is at 12". Wifi in the rooms are intermittent. So went down to the reception area before 7 to try and get connected. Also present was the guy who does the night reception, who was slurping away at his breakfast and doing that thing which many Chinese men do to extract the phlegm from their nasal cavities ; disgusting!


Unhelpful and rude staff spoils an otherwise nice hostel. Wifi in rooms intermittent and only 2 seats in reception where the signal is constant.


We had the opportunity to see the kitchen, and it was not clean.


Easy to find, on the bus route and next to the wall (South Gate). Within walking distance of the Muslim Quarter and the Bell and Drum towers. There can be quite a party atmosphere in the 3rd Courtyard, so if you want quiet you should ask for one of the other courtyards. Overall a really nice hostel.


Excellent facilities and helpful friendly staff made our stay exceptionally pleasant.