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Location: Ireland, Gender: Male, Age: 28

Base Brisbane - Embassy

Brisbane, Australia

Good quality Hostel right in the middle of the city. Quick Walk to the ESP.

Some Rooms Backpacker

Brisbane, Australia

Quite a cold hostel, we arrived late and there wasn't really anyone to check us in. Someone with poor English eventually came along and lead us to our room. Quite a basic place good if you want a really cheap place that isn't too far from the city. Half hour walk.

Hoa Binh Hotel

Hoi An, Vietnam

Great hotel in a great location and the restaurant had very cheap food as well. It even had shower facilities for after you checked out so you could shower before getting on the bus. Laundry is very cheap and they were very helpful when we were unsure as to whether we could get the bus or not. Rooms were really nice and clean and it had good strong wifi also. exceptional breakfast also. Overall highly recommend


Mainly a party hostel the tours offered there are really expensive compared to local offering unless you're looking for the extreme party boat (nudity included we were told). Food is also quite expensive but decent. Good common area to meet people and socialise. Not for the faint hearted

Phi Phi Ingphu Viewpoint

Koh Phi Phi, Thailand

The room we had (we paid for the basic) was a huge trek up the hill from reception. Despite the fact that it was built in the wilderness there weren't many insects in the room and the hotel also provided a great big mosquito net which gave us some piece of mind. It's a small walk from the town but the hardest part for us was the last hill up to our room.

Base Wellington

Wellington, New Zealand

Great location right in the middle of town (and a great town it is). It has an excellent bar with great deals on offer. The Kitchen is huge but so is the hostel so it can get a bit crowded. The main draw here is the location though as it is really central to see the sights of Wellington.

Newton Lodge

Auckland, New Zealand

One of the only hostels we came across with free wifi in New Zealand. The hostel though was full of people who were living there and working in Aukland so the attitude was quite poor. Many people in the dorms were cranky and didn't appreciate it if you had to get up early to get a bus etc. Also the rooms were quite stuffy since there were no windows. Aside from this it is a great place to stay with a good kitchen and good bathrooms. Not a touristy hostel but good otherwise


High quality hostel with great facilities, however, there didn't seem to be a whole lot of atmosphere there at when I was there. It's in a fairly good location near enough to the metro station. Santiago is expensive in General so overall this in one of the cheaper ones. Overall though I would highly recommend the hostel unless you really want to go party in which case there may be better options.

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yes you are rigth, we are not a party hostel, we are a good vibes and insolents souls hostel anyway thanks for your opinion we appreciate your time!

Hostel Jacaranda

Valparaiso, Chile

Extremely good Hostel all though we were the only ones in the hostel. It was one of the best value hostels in Valparaiso when we were there. The Kitchen and the bathroom were great. It is up a hill near one of the main squares so it is a small climb.


Uyuni isn´t a town you stay for long in. The hostel though had hot water and they brought in a heater before we went to sleep so it was warm. It was expensive enough but there are no other hostels listed on hostelworld so it´s hard to know what the rest are like. It had no Wifi unfortunately but there are internet cafes around. Breakfast was basic but that´s akin to the rest of Bolivia. There wasn´t much happening there but most people go just for the Salt flat tour

KulturBerlin Sucre

Sucre, Bolivia

This place is ideal for people wishing to learn Spanish. We had no interest however we just wanted to explore the city. The food here is very nice (4th on tripadvisor) so we didn't bother eating outside the hostel. The hostel were also nice enough to fix us up sandwiches for our bus journey to uyuni for 10bs. Sucre is a nice town so it felt safe enough but there were no lockers for those that are paranoid about security. The hostel is about 3 blocks from the main square

Wild Rover Backpackers

La Paz, Bolivia

Wild rover is where you go to party. One night we wanted to stay in because we had the death road the next day and staff came in offering free shots. The food is good but you can definitely get way cheaper outside. Staff could've been better at check in to outline the facilities. My girlfriend only found out on the last day that there was a room with hair dryers etc. that was never told to us. Don't come here if you are a family or a pioneer. Otherwise this is a great place to stay.


Good quality hostel just a few blocks from the main square. We did the Colca Canyon 2 day tour from this hostel. The kitchen was good but the breakfast was very basic so you better like bread if you want to stay here. Other than that though the internet is quite good and the bathrooms were nice. The atmosphere was also quite as well even though a lot of people were doing the Colca Canyon tour early in the morning

Travellers Inn

Quito, Ecuador

This hostel was a good spot to stop in Quito. The Kitchen and the breakfast were amazing. We didn't get any sense that there was any nightlife there. It was a bit of a walk from the main square though.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This is a really cool hostel right in the middle of Ipanema which is the richer district in the middle of Rio. Unfortunately they have this weird rule where you can't leave anything in the fridge overnight which makes is extremely hard to cook for yourself while there especially in an area that's expensive to eat in. The atmosphere also wasn't great we didn't pick up much desire to go out. Overall I think there might be better hostels in Ipanema if you can cook for yourself

Green House Hostel

Foz do Iguacu, Brazil

The hostel had good security which was good since the area didn´t seem to be that great. We were the only two people in the hostel when we stayed (May) so the atmosphere wasn´t great. It did have a pool table and a TV room though so it could be good when more people are there. The kitchen facilities were excellent but the room was full of bugs including wasps. Thankfully we had our own mosquito nets so we slept sound but if not it would´ve been hard to sleep. Location was good and staff helpful