Reviews: brophy62

Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 24

Peace & Love Hostel

Paris, France

So many stairs. Sooooo many stairs. It may sound silly but I would actually advise against staying here if you're on an upper floor. The location is alright- cool neighbourhood but slightly more sketchy than most arrondissements. Staff were hit or miss. Small rooms with ensuites were great. Atmosphere in the bar a little off. There's only free wifi in the bar so that was also annoying. Pay-wifi in the rooms.

Mugraby Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

This hostel has a great location near the beach but also near nightlife and most major streets in tel aviv. The staff were very unfriendly. The rooms were dirtyyyyy as well as the bathrooms. The atmosphere was alienating and anti social. People didn't speak and common spaces were dead. It's an okay place if you need a roof but it's one of the least inviting hostels I've ever stayed in.


This was one of the best hostels I've ever stayed in. The atmosphere and staff are incredible. The location in Florentine is super interesting. I've stayed in a couple hostels in tel aviv and florentine is the best by far.

Taksim Sopha Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Taksim Sopha hostel is in a great location! However, the facilities were lacking - rooms weren't locked (however there were Lockers and a secure front entrance), it was untidy and smelled weird. The guy who was often in charge was nice.

Bada Bing Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

It's a nice hostel. Great facilities, secure, clean. Complaints are the location. I was interested in going out at taksim at night but it was inconveniently located to walk. There was nothing open nearby. I also found the staff to be short tempered. And the breakfast is kind of expensive for what you get (not included). Very nice hostel in any case, especially it you're not a big partier.

Stray Cat Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

The staff were fantastic. The wifi didn't work in the rooms which was inconvenient. The atmosphere was nice but the security was questionable. The hostel had no keys, nor the room so the only safeguard was the receptionist. It was secure for all intents and purposes but left me a little uneasy since there also wasn't much space for locking valuables. Finally, it's not called stray cat for no reason. There were a lot of cats inside. I would recommend this hostel in any case! Good breakfast too!