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Hotel MarMar

Ouarzazate, Morocco

Pretty sweet hostel! For 4euros this hostel is well worth it! Great breakfast, sweet atmosphere for meeting other people, brilliant wifi and the people running it are really nice and helpful.

Hostel Colours

Milan, Italy

Quite expensive for what you get and the area you are in. I arrived at 9pm and did not feel safe at all trying to find the hostel, I also thought the instructions were not as clear as they could have been to find it. Quite far out of the city although a metro stop is right nearby, it can add up for all the metro rides.


Ohrid, Macedonia

Nice hostel, right in the center of the old town. Sadly hard to find. . . . . I would call the owner straight out as the instructions are no so great. The view from the hostel is amazing, its a great place to meet other travelers, free map and tips on what to see. Sadly my washing was forgotten about by the owner and I was forced to take it wet. Also if going to berat from the hostel do not listen to his casual attitude about getting the 12 30 bus as the I was stuck with no connecting bus.

UNITY Hostel Skopje

Skopje, Macedonia

I've been backpacking in Europe for over five months and this was one of the best hostels I've stayed in yet! The people running it are great, huge lockers, the most comfortable bed I've yet to have in a hostel, full kitchen, laundry, helpful tips about the city and great place to meet other travelers. A brilliant hostel, no complaints!

The Fort Boutique Hostel

York, England

Really great place to meet other travelers the common area is great, kitchen was fully equipped and spotless (even has a dish washer). Perfect location right in the middle of the city center. The staff were very helpful and friendly. Only two minor things: no lockers in the rooms, they were out in the corridor also only very small and the noise from the bar was quite loud, but a nice pair of ear plugs and you're fine. A good hostel.

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Hi, thanks for your comments and really glad you enjoyed your stay. it can get a bit lively on a weekend due to our location in the very centre of York, but there are complimentary ear plugs too. We do hope you will visit again.

Alba Hostel Glasgow

Glasgow, Scotland

Really weird atmosphere not the place to go if you want to meet fellow travelers. Many people that seemed to be living there full time so just wanted their own space. Kitchen was gross. Quite far out of city 20mins on bus. But bus stop is close by and buses are regular. Only four lockers in a room for six people so get in quick. Patchy wifi. But for what you pay its what you can expect.

Stirling Youth Hostel

Stirling, Scotland

No lockers in rooms plus our door didn't lock and when I told the staff they failed to fix it over the two days I was there. Not a backpacker/traveller atmosphere at all, mainly groups, older people and some families. In the middle of all the main sights. Quite expensive wifi and not very fast. Not the best hostel

Cinnamon Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

sadly didn't enjoy my stay at this hostel. the staff were not very helpful, at the evening events they stuck together like glue only talking Polish not making any effort to include or talk to the few guests staying at the hostel. they also suggested for a day that i and another girl went bike riding, then rented us bikes (for a very high price compared to the ones in the town center) that did not work properly and covered my leg in grease. there are no lockers in the rooms only reception.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Hi Kristy! We felt really sad reading your review.We do think that a bad attitude from the moment you entered the hostel didn't help you in even trying to enjoy your stay. Eventhough you still stayed 4 days here!Why? The bicycles may not be perfect but the price is the lowest in town-we give them for 35PLN for the whole day - until midnight, where in the other place you have them for 50PLN until 8pm. We did our best on the event, can't really help you did not want to integrate.Take care!

Wombats City Hostel Budapest

Budapest, Hungary

Great if you are going with a group of friends, but if you are alone and trying to meet people i would recommend going else where. you may get lucky meeting people in your dorm, but if not the common room is huge and feels quite stale with people already in groups mainly from tours.

Travellers Home Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

loved this hostel! the staff were great so helpful, basically planned the next part of my trip for me. also a great place to meet people i went there as a single traveler but met new friends to sight see with each day.

Chillout Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

I only stayed one night at this hostel as a stopover in Zagreb and had to leave at 6am but I got barely any sleep. When I arrived there was only one other person in my six bed dorm. We were both I. Bed by eleven but got woken by the hostel staff turning on the lights and bringing in new people at 12 30 1am and 2 30. I was quite disappointed the staff did not even bother to use quiet voices when speaking to the new guests. Also the staff were not very helpful at the front desk :(


This hostel and snooze and booze are the places to go in split if you want to have a good time. Lots of people travelling by themselves easy to meet people to do stuff with. A great hostel if you want to have fun on the town but not if you fancy any sleep.

City Walls Hostel

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Great place to meet people if you're by yourself with happy hour each night and the chance to go for dinner together and out after