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U Hostels

Madrid, Spain

The hostel was fine. I was only staying for a night but for what I was paying I was expecting a little more. The room and bathroom was very clean, but the kitchen was pretty messy and didn't seem large enough for the size of the hostel. Beyond that I think it seemed like a really nice place to stay. Overall, I'm not sure it was worth the few extra Euros I paid for it though. . .

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Dear Client, We appreciate your feedback. We can assure u that there is no hostel in Madrid like U Hostels, our quality, comfort, cleanness and atmosphere are normally beyond everyone expectations. Of course, this is something personal, but we really work hard in order to make a great Madrid experience! We try to give you the quality of a Hotel for a price of a hostel, maybe for a little more than other low quality hostels, but for sure worth. ie, we clean showers few times a day, HQ matress


I really enjoyed Oasis Backpackers! The courtyard and rooftop are wonderful places to relax and meet people. I also found the staff incredibly kind and helpful, plus they have free Sangria from 8-9!

Shangri-Lagos Hostel

Lagos, Portugal

I had a great time here! I only planned on staying 2 nights and ended up staying 2 more! The staff is wonderful and really make you feel at home. I would highly recommend Shangri-Lagos!