Reviews: Anonymous

Whethu Backpackers

Grahamstown, South Africa

A nice spot just outside Grahamstown--a short walk from the major points of interest in town. The staff was very generous and friendly, and I had no issues with the accommodations. The only complaint was that internet was an additional charge, and required a convoluted voucher system. Otherwise, it's a nice place to settle in for a stay.

Melville International Backpackers

Johannesburg, South Africa

A lovely setting and very friendly staff. I would have appreciated more reliability from the wi-fi and a wider range of information about the area from the staff. (Mostly they just referred me to bus tours.) Overall, though, an excellent value and a very nice spot to set up in Jo'burg.


The Ocean Island Inn is one of the very best hostels I've stayed in. Everything was as advertised. There was incredibly reliable wi-fi and plenty of friendly staff. No complaints whatsoever!