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Pitanga Hostel e Pousada

Maceio, Brazil

I would highly recommend this hostel. The staff is absolutely amazing, happily willing to help you with whatever you need.

Happy Rio Copacabana

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

If you stay at this hostel be aware that you're staying in a family's house who doesn't want you there, but is probably too poor to pay for the apartment by themselves, so they rent out rooms. I felt so uncomfortable staying here after being ordered around, bitched at, and glared at by the owner's girlfriend all week that I would never stay here again. There are no employees here to help you, just the people living there. They also give priority to friends they have stay there to paying guests.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Hi Ashley, me and my friends treated you with too much care. I, personally, heard you in everything you wan't. I tried to help you and to make you feel confortable in all of your stay. I was very lovely with you. Unfortunately you were very unpolite in some nights, breaking down the doors of female bathroom and other things that i don't wan't to talk here, to respect you. I'm very sad to hear that kind of thing from a people that i treated with all my respect and kindness.