Reviews: Anonymous

Location: Canada, Gender: Female, Age: 26

It's true that this hostel is a little far from the city centre, but it has a free shuttle service that takes you to the nearest tram stop, which was really convenient! They even have a free pick-up service if you're coming from the airport or the train station. They had a very large kitchen facility, a bar and hang-out area, and offered a lot of day activities you could participate in. My only complaint was the lack of lockers and air conditioning in the room, but overall liked this hostel!

Villa Manos

Santorini, Greece

Best hostel ever! Poppy and her family sure know how to make a guest feel welcome. Poppy went out of her way to make sure we could keep our room for two extra nights. They picked us up from the port, fed us, helped us in trying to book our ferry...they are honestly the best. Even gave us wine as a departing gift. They cleaned our room everyday and gave us clean towels. This place is lovely, I would come back here just for them!!

Hostel Gallo d'Oro

Florence, Italy

Loved this hostel! Best free breakfast I've ever had. The staff were great, and really made you feel welcome. Really well situated, only 10 min walk from the Duomo. The staff have nights where they host parties on the rooftop so you can get to know other travelers, which was a lot of fun. They even cook authentic Italian meals for dinner if you're hungry and want to stay at the hostel. There's wifi in the rooms as well. Would definitely recommend this place!

City Backpacker - Hostel Biber

Zurich, Switzerland

There isn't much choice when staying in Zurich. The hostel was well situated but the facilities weren't great. Their is just one tiny lobby in front of reception, which was the only place you could get wifi so everyone packed themselves in there at night. Hardly anywhere to sit. The showers were average, but they did have a kitchen. Not a good place to meet anyone, and it's in a pretty noisy area, so even with the windows closed it was hard to sleep at night.


This hostel is a little far from the city centre, about a 20-25 min walk. However, the walk to get to the city centre is along Marienhof Strasse, a shopping street, so the walk isn't terrible, and it's right outside Westbahnhof, the train station! I'm not sure if the AC was broken but the entire hostel was pretty warm. There are washrooms in each room so I felt like they weren't cleaned as often. The kitchen was handy, but small. The bar also never got that busy so not a lot happening there.

St Christopher's Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Best hostel I've ever stayed at, and I've stayed at many. You can never go wrong with St. Christopher's, and of the three that I've stayed in, Berlin is the best! The staff gave my friends and I free shots because we were Canadian and it was Canada Day when we were there! Aside from that, the bar is awesome at night, they have free breakfast, the rooms and shower/facilities are clean, and it's in a good location. Can't wait to come back!

Anker Hostel

Oslo, Norway

There really aren't many choices for hostels in Oslo. This hostel was average, just like the city. There are no lockers in the room, the only place you can get wifi is in the small lobby at the front, and the staff weren't particularly welcoming. Definitely not a good hostel to meet other travelers. The upside is that the rooms did have a kitchen which was handy. Aside from that, I wouldn't necessarily recommend this place, but like I said, not a lot of options in this city.

Sleep in Heaven

Copenhagen, Denmark

This hostel was about a 20 min walk from the train station, kind of far from the city center. They had no kitchen which was a big downside, but the staff were nice, and they had a good bar area that was separate from the common room, which was nice if you wanted a quieter space. Showers were quite spacious which was good. Breakfast wasn't included, which also was a bummer considering there was also no kitchen. You were almost forced to buy food. Not the best hostel, but I would stay there again!

Flying Pig Uptown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Very good hostel, close to Vondelpark. If you're into smoking, they have a smoking room. Good bar and fun atmosphere, the staff were really nice and there is free breakfast! The bathrooms could be a little bit bigger and there was one shower that only had boiling hot water, but aside from that I really enjoyed my stay here!

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

The hostel was fine. The rooms were decent, and they had a kitchen and a common room which were good. The free breakfast was also fine. It consisted of the usual: cereal, toast, and coffee. The showers could have been better, and there was no wifi in the rooms, or lockers for that matter. The major down point of this hostel was it wasn't very close to the city centre, but it was just outside a metro station so that was convenient.

Budget Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

Aside from the wifi not being great, the hostel is in a perfect location and the staff were incredible. They have cheap food, clean facilities, comfortable beds, and free events going on daily so you can meet other travellers and really get a good feel for Edinburgh. I would definitely go back!