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Alloggi Gerotto Calderan

Venice, Italy

The only good thing about this place is the location, close to the train & bus station, and not far away from main attractions. Dorms are relatively cheap, but they are poor as well. Everything seemed to be cleaned but the place was so old and smelly that I had the impression that this is the dirtiest place I've ever stayed at. The place closes at 1 am, so going out is not the best idea. A private double room was much better though. Generally, for one night this place is ok, but not for longer.

The House Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

I stayed in this hostel only for one night but I really liked it. There were not too many people so it was quiet and I could sleep well, but I'm sure that the atmosphere is better in the summer, when there are a lot of people. I really liked the rooms - spacious and clean, overall the hostel was very clean. The lady at the reception was very helpful. And the best thing about the hostel was the location - just a few minutes from the bus station, which was perfect for me. I would stay there again.

Hedonist Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

This hostel is awesome! At first I was going to spend two nights there but eventually stayed for three weeks. Everything was just perfect - location, price, cleanliness, and great atmosphere. I loved the common room which was a good place to work during the day and a perfect place to meet other people at night. But the best thing about this hostel is the staff - very friendly and helpful people, everybody is absolutely amazing.. Probably the best hostel I've ever been to. I'll be back soon!

Madness Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

To start with, the hostel has a very good location. It was cheap and clean. And of course it is impossible not to mention the owner, who was very generous in sharing his food and drinks, and offering his help all the time. Unfortunately there was just one more guest in the hostel, so it was very quiet, but still I enjoyed my stay!

HomePlus Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I absolutely loved this place! The name of the hostel says it all - from the very first moment I felt like home. I was supposed to stay for 3 nights but I stayed for a week. It's a small hostel so it's very easy to meet new people. Very good location, nice rooms, clean bathrooms, and a great common room. And of course the amazing staff who make this place so awesome! Definitely in my top 5.

A Wild Elephants Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

First of all, the hostel has excellent location. The staff are all very nice as well. However, the hostel itself is old and dirty (although bathrooms were ok), I'm not too demanding so it wasn't a big problem for me, but those who like cleanliness should not go there I think.

Owner Comment (Hide)
Hi, yeah unfortunately you are right. Because we are a small and more importantly independent backpackers hostel, we invest all the money we get right back into the hostel, but we do not have funding like big business/factory hostels...

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Good location, clean rooms and bathrooms, amazing patio, great bar and pub crawls, good price. Wifi is perhaps the only bad thing about this hostel. But the most amazing thing here is the staff, I've been to many hostels but in most of them the staff didn't go beyond giving basic information. Here, when I found myself in a very bad situation, people were so kind and helpful to me I just couldn't believe it. Eventually I spent there a week instead of 3 days. Amazing, definitely in my top 3!

Lisboa Central Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

I was a bit disappointed with Lisbon, but not with this hostel! The location is quite good, close to the metro stations, the staff are very friendly and always willing to help. I can't complain about rooms or bathrooms, the hostel was very clean all the time. Nice atmosphere as well, I felt like home from the first moment and then I met some nice people. I can't really think of anything I could complain about, so the conclusion is that the hostel is a very good one!

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

It was such a good hostel! Nothing to complain about. Nice rooms, clean bathrooms, overall a very clean hostel. Location was very good too, and the staff - friendly and helpful. The best thing was the atmosphere, very good for socializing, I felt like home there, there was this nice patio, with a bar with free sangria; also, pub crawls were very nice too. As a result, I met great people there and had amazing time; when I'm in Sevilla again, I'll definitely stay there.

Osio Backpackers

Cordoba, Spain

It was a nice quiet hostel, which I needed after staying too many nights in loud party hostels. Good location, close to the mosque, in a quiet charming street. Great patio and rooftop terrace, good for chilling at night and talking to other travelers. My room was quite small, but well it's only for sleeping. Bathrooms - ok, generally the hostel was clean. Plus, it was cheap, so overall it's a good hostel I think.

Feel Hostels City Center

Malaga, Spain

The best thing about this hostel is its location, which is definitely a huge advantage. Rooms were quite big and bathrooms were always clean. I didn't talk much to the staff, so I can't say anything about them, they didn't seem too willing to talk though. There is also a bar, which is another good thing, so you can always meet other people. And pub crawl of course was nice as well. Overall - perhaps not the best hostel, but a good one, not too many things to complain about.


It took me quite a while to find this hostel but I finally did and I'm really glad I stayed there. The staff seemed quite friendly. There was also a bar and a common area outside which I really liked, as it was a good place to meet people. I think the rooms were not the best though, very small and the air conditioning did not work. I stayed there 2 nights so it was ok, but perhaps it could be a problem for those who stay longer. Overall, however, I liked the hostel as I had nice time there.

Red Nest Hostel Valencia

Valencia, Spain

I really liked this hostel. My room was quite big compared to many other hostels, the bathrooms could perhaps be better but at least they were always clean. The location was very good as well, and the staff were very friendly and helpful. What I liked about the hostel was also the bar and the terrace, good places to meet other people. Even though the hostel was rather big, the atmosphere was really nice and good for socializing, so I'll definitely stay there again.

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

I really liked the cleanliness of the hostel, perhaps I've never seen better bathrooms in any other hostel. Rooms were ok. Location was quite good. The staff weren't exceptionally friendly, but they simply had a lot of work so that's ok, although check-in took ages. Objectively speaking, the hostel was very good, but it was full of very young people, I didn't like it and didn't have much fun, but I saw most people did have fun, so it's just not my type of hostels I guess.

Five Elements Hostel Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

I really liked the hostel. Nice rooms, comfortable beds, clean bathrooms - nothing to complain about. I think the staff were very nice as well, really friendly and helpful people. The location was pretty good too, even though at first it may seem dangerous, but it is not, in fact the area is quite safe and security at the hostel is excellent as well. Alos, there is a nice common room, in which you can talk to other people and drink a beer or two. Summing up - a very good hostel.

Hostel Happy Seven

Gdansk, Poland

I think this is a very good hostel. I stayed there for 4 nights, two of which I spent having fun and the other two sleeping, so both is possible there. Good price, good location, very nice staff, and everything else is ok, so I can't complain. Although the people who are more demanding may perhaps complain about cleanliness, as it wasn't the cleanest hostel I've ever been to, but still for me this was not a major problem. Overall I'd recommend this place to other people.

Euro Youth Hostel

Munich, Germany

This is a nice place, in a great location, and not too expensive. Bathrooms and rooms are clean, although rooms were a bit cold! Also, there is this bar downstairs, which is pretty cool for meeting other people. Generally, nothing to complain about, I had a very nice stay.

Flying Pig Uptown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

A great hostel, nice bar and friendly staff. Location may not be excellent, but still good. Nothing to complain about, perhaps some minor things with cleanliness, but that doesn't matter overall. I have some nice memories from this hostel.

Retox Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Simply the best hostel I've ever been to. Great location, fantastic atmosphere, nice people, there's no way one can get bored there.