Reviews: ElectroPopKitty

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 29

X Hostel Bucharest

Bucharest, Romania

Clean rooms (private room), clean hostel. Great common area to hang out in and meet others. Not a quiet hostel, this is a party hostel. The kitchen is quite small but suitable. The staff are made up of volunteers so confusing seems to be common. They let me store my suitcase there for several days though between visits, so I can't complain. The owner is professional and knowledgeable. Located right by old town and grocery stores, lots of nightlife. I would go back!

Sibiu Travellers Hostel

Sibiu, Romania

Staff was very friendly, and helped me figure out how to get to my next destination. I wish they would get a shower curtain on their bathroom..The place smelled strongly of food, and not in a good way. The dorm room doesnt have a door but rather a sliding divider, and the staff made no move to be quiet after we had all gone to sleep. I would stay for a night but not extended.