Reviews: Anonymous

Bong House

Seoul, South Korea

There's basically just two staff members: Mr. Bong and Violet. Violet is a sweet girl who is very helpful while Mr. Bong is often socially awkward. The Bong Bar is a cool concept, too bad there just aren't many people there on any given day of the week so you probably wouldn't spend too much time there unless you were really bored. The hostel is a bit too disorganized with lots of random clutter and just out in the way. The walk from the subway isn't bad and the neighbourhood is fun.


The staff really makes this place awesome as they're super friendly and helpful! The hostel is near some cool little eating/drinking places and is a reasonable walk from the subway. It's also near some decent tourist attractions and a temple. You'll notice the neighbourhood is definitely full of old people so don't come here looking to party nearby or at the hostel. The hostel itself is cleaned immaculately, organized and secure - couldn't ask for much more.