Reviews: Anonymous

Loft Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

The bins under the bunks for storage are super small, flimsy, and unable to receive a standard sized padlock to lock it. It's also rather lazy of them to ask all their guests to make their own beds with supplied linen and then strip them at the end of their stays... who's paying who here?

Hlemmur Square

Reykjavik, Iceland

Needs shelves in the shower areas because there's no where to store your clothes and keep them dry. The staff was excellent and were extremely helpful with helping me with a booking error with one of the local tour guides.


Some of the staff were very helpful and friendly while others were rather useless and clearly didn't want to be there. The reception always had a large queue the moved very slowly.. far too small and inefficient for a hostel of that size. Everything else in that hostel is pretty standard.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Huge place and very modern and clean with practical features. I like the storage options available in the rooms and how the dorms are laid out with great bunks and storage close at hand. The location feels kinda of dodgy and it takes awhile to walk to more interesting parts of town.

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

The hostel could oil some of the doors and beds or something because all the squeaking and creaking makes it impossible for people to return to dorm rooms late night without disturbing others already sleeping.

Bong House

Seoul, South Korea

There's basically just two staff members: Mr. Bong and Violet. Violet is a sweet girl who is very helpful while Mr. Bong is often socially awkward. The Bong Bar is a cool concept, too bad there just aren't many people there on any given day of the week so you probably wouldn't spend too much time there unless you were really bored. The hostel is a bit too disorganized with lots of random clutter and just out in the way. The walk from the subway isn't bad and the neighbourhood is fun.


The staff really makes this place awesome as they're super friendly and helpful! The hostel is near some cool little eating/drinking places and is a reasonable walk from the subway. It's also near some decent tourist attractions and a temple. You'll notice the neighbourhood is definitely full of old people so don't come here looking to party nearby or at the hostel. The hostel itself is cleaned immaculately, organized and secure - couldn't ask for much more.