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This place is pretty far away from anything cool. There is nowhere to hangout outside of the dorm rooms without going to the bar downstairs. Only two bathrooms and two showers for four dorms of a ton of people. Not enough lockers. No kitchen. Bunks stacked three high. This place is probably fine if you just want a place to pass out after a night out, but don't expect anything more. This doesn't have the fun community vibe of some hostels out there. Strangely large number of REALLY old people.

Leuven City Hostel

Leuven, Belgium

One of the nicer hostels I've stayed at. Breakfast was nice, and space was well kept. They have a really nice patio and good wifi. Good showers, lockers, beds, and bathrooms. Nothing I'd change other than maybe the location. Leuven is small, but this is a couple km from the main nightlife. Nothing you can't manage with some good beer in your tum, but closer is better. I'd definitely stay here again.