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Hotel Martello

Venice, Italy

First of all, this place is not in Venice its on the outskirts so you have to take a 5-10 min train ride into Venice. This place is really close to the train station so it is actually quite easy but it is surrounded by only residential areas, so no restaurants or stores or anything! Room was clean, had air conditioning, good bathrooms, a TV and comfortable beds. It was cheap so i'd recommend it, but if you want to stay actually in the city, do not stay here.

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Case Rosse

Cinque Terre, Italy

This place is perfect if you are going on a get away trip with a special someone. I went with my best friend and we felt very far away on top of that mountain. It is very clean and peaceful but it is quite a climb! And wi fi only works at the office down in the town from 10:30 am to 8 pm. No kitchen either in the place so you can't cook but there was a mini fridge in the room. The view said ocean but we got a small crappy outdoor garden view, the other rooms probably didn't get much either.

Sant Jordi Diagonal Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Favorite hostel ever. Everyone was so nice and the place was really homey. Bar crawl every night so you meet people from the hostel and other sant jordi hostels. Loved the staff and everything is on one floor so it's really easy to get around and feel welcome. Miss everyone in that place!

St Christopher's Camden

London, England

I loved this hostel, had a mixed 6 bedroom and everyone was very cool. It was nice to go downstairs and get a drink at the hostel bar with everyone too, Camden is well know for it's bar crawls! Lockers under the beds were nice too. Hostel was one of my faves