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Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Decent hostel. Not the best I've stayed in, but it's clean and secure. Location is of course the biggest drawback - 15 minute shuttle ride to Old Town, and it's 4 Euros to go there and back. That's something they should make clear. They offered to pick me up from the bus station to get to the hostel. Upon arrival, they told me that I owed 2 Euro for the pick-up, which they neglected to mention when they offered the ride to me. :/

Atillas Getaway

Selcuk, Turkey

Wonderful ambiance.Great and friendly staff. Breakfasts and dinners are free. It's a 40 minute or so hike to the Ephesus ruins site, which is very enjoyable. The biggest drawback to this hostel is its location. It's a 2.7km distance from Selcuk's city center, which translates to almost an hour walk along a highway. They have free shuttles to and from the hostel, but they only leave 4-5 times a day. We ended up having to take a taxi more than once. Great if you want to relax, not explore.