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Had a good stay here bunks were pretty cramped together though. Gate into hostel is broken so anyone can walk in off the street. Rooms have keys though but we had to keep our room door open because it was so hot with no AC. Free pancake breakfast was awesome, would stay again.


There was a big gap between the floor and the door into our room but you get used to the cockroaches crawling around.


Guy at front desk was super nice and accommodating. Hostel room was big came with a kitchen, patio, and bathroom. Only coin lockers unfortunately. Common area was outside under cover and had a big screen tv which was great to watch the Olympics on.


Very conveniently located across the street from the pike place market. Decent size hostel, good common area, smoking room. Some staff members were good others hardly acknowledged our existence. Dorms were cramped, stuffy, and stinky, liked the spacious lockers under the beds.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

I've stayed at 5 star hotels that don't even come close to this place. Their is literally not one bad thing I can say about this place and I nitpick hostels. It's the 2nd best hostel in the world as of 2013. If you stay here have Momma's dinner it is the most bang for your buck you will get anywhere in the city and some of the best cooking I've tasted. It's also the only hostel I've ever been to that has Imacs, a living room with a DVD collection, and a 24/7 bar. This place is literally Home.

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Pretty good hostel, liked how you can lock yourself in your own bathroom with shower, sink, and toilet. AC was a lifesaver, as one day it got up to 38 degrees, a must for Madrid. Not much of a party hostel but chill common room, only one router so hard to get WiFi in your room. No key deposit but my key card stopped working twice, easy to fix but a lot of the time the front desk guy is smoking or hanging outside. Would probably stay here again but not a big fan of Madrid.

Home Backpackers

Valencia, Spain

If you like to party but still have a decent nights sleep this is the place. We stayed here for 2 nights and met so many people. Each night people would cook food in the very large kitchen and then continue to drink as others joined in. By 10pm practically the whole hostel was in either the kitchen or the roof terrace playing drinking games and mingling. At midnight you get kicked out of the kitchen but everyone goes on the pub crawl, which was free both nights for some reason(usually 5€).

HelloBCN Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Had a good time here, met a few people and 2 we spent most of our time with. The hostel bar was cool but closes way too early(11pm). Bartender told us a neat trick, press the last button on the vending machine that's unlabeled, it's beer, good to know as you can't buy alcohol from stores after 11. Showers are kind of locker room style but have opaque doors. As for the rooms themselves, very tight quarters as they pack the bunks in and the windows open in so you have to keep closing and opening.


Had a pretty good stay here, met quite a few people. Excellent location really close to the beach and old town, only a 3 min walk. Our 12 room dorm had an ensuite but the shower curtain was far too small and water got all over the floor every time someone had a shower but they cleaned the bathroom everyday. Breakfast is really good for a hostel, 15 or so cereals to choose from along with toast, juice, and coffee. Would defiantly stay here again.


Good value for Paris, friendly staff room is pretty small and they barely squeeze 3 singles in. Each bed has a different comfort level I basically slept on a wooden cot and a mattress. 70% of the staff is friendly and accommodating. Their is a mini bar so you can keep your groceries cooled, big plus for budget Paris travelers.

Keystone House Kings Cross

London, England

Had an OK stay here, really handy if you need to catch a train early. But fairly far from the river and the main sites, British museum is like 10-12min away which isn't bad. Staff were really good, but the room was a bit dirty. Pretty average hostel overall, don't expect to have much of a free breakfast as they don't restock and early people take everything.

Hotel Mirabeau

Brussels, Belgium

This place actually wasn't too bad when we first checked in. We were lucky enough to get a 4th floor room that had already been renovated but the bathroom already had issues. The shower holder was broken so you had to hold it, weird design too as it's possible to flood the room because the water doesn't drain fast enough. The icing on the cake was the "breakfast Nazi," I asked for another croissant in French and was yelled at for even asking, walked away 5 seconds into her rant. OK for one night


For England you think the only front desk person would speak the native tongue.

Edge House

Antwerp, Belgium

This place is a must! Hands down the best place I've ever stayed at, it's listed as a hostel on hostel world but is in fact a guest house with hostel people. Piepke is super nice, friendly, and easy-going a true mi casa tu casa person. Really nicely located place, 3 floors roof terrace, 1st floor is sleeping quarters. Defiantly not a party place but if your looking to have a chill home base look no further.

Jaeger's Munich

Munich, Germany

We stayed in the forty room dorm and it was pretty well exactly what you would expect. The long room was divided into 4 separate pods with 5 bunks each. We were in the first one and it smelt of foot, like someone had forgotten to dry their towel and just bundled it up. Someone told me that another pod smelt way worse. The smell kind of comes in whiffs but was present the whole trip. The floor creaks and you hear all the chairs moving up stairs, so if your a light sleeper don't pick the 40 bed.

Emma Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Had a good stay here, no real complaints minus the fact that the reception person leaves sometimes and locks you in the hostel so you can't get out. Didn't have to wait more than 3min for them to return but it's defiantly a fire hazard. Really all it takes is a door that automatically locks behind you. The one shower downstairs wasn't a problem and I never had to wait for it but if it's more busy maybe. Never cooked but the kitchen is large and fully equipped, good common room too, would return

Pegasus Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Had a good stay here, their were lots of school kids when I wen't but I didn't mind. Place is kind of more like a hotel rather than a hostel. Staff were helpful and accommodating. Lockers are only in the lobby so never got one. The dorms use key cards so they are pretty safe. Would probably stay again but it's a bit difficult to meet fellow travelers because the place is so diverse and big. Kitchen is the best place to meet people as we discovered on our last night.

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