Reviews: Anonymous

American Dream Hostel

New York, USA

The hostel is really cool and the staff are absolutely friendly. The problem is: the is just one laundry and one dryer. Besides that, there is not elevator. So, if you are carrying a heavy piece of luggage I suggest you to be prepared to face two floors of stairs! :P

HI Boston

Boston, USA

This HI is one of the best of the brand. I really recommend this one: you feel like you are in a 4 stars HOTEL.

AAE Bourbon House Hostel

New Orleans, USA

Considering all the hostels that I stayed in the United States, this one was the worse one. For many times, I saw some roaches inside my room. It was disgusting. As I was in the room besides the main door, there were a lot of noises along the night. On the other hand, however, I need to register that the staff of this hostel is absolutely friendly. I will never forget Ali, the most friendly guy that I've seen in my life!

HI Washington DC

Washington DC, USA

Well, I'm a fan of Hostelling Internation, but, honestly, this hostel has a serious problem: the elevator. It is absolutely terrible. SO SLOW! The Hostelling International's Team should improve this facilities as quick as they can.

Apple Hostels of Philadelphia

Philadelphia, USA

Summarizing, the hostel is okay but I'm a kind of disappointed because usually the "HI Hostels" are better than this one. If you are carrying a heavy piece of luggage, be careful: there is no elevator in this hotel. Regardless of this, the staff is really friendy.

Nashville Downtown Hostel

Nashville, USA

Definitely it is one of the best options in Nashville. I really recommend this hostel. The staff is not as friendly as in other hostels around the United States but the service is okay.

Adelaide Hostel and Hotel

San Francisco, USA

I'm convinced that it was worth to stay in this hostel. The area is not the best area of the city and the staff is not as friendly as in other hostels, but the building is okay and the atmosphere is good. The lockers under the beds are huge! It is possible to put two big pieces of luggage inside it. The problem is: there is no elevator in this hostel.