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Hostel Mali Mrak Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Very kind and knowledgeable staff. Nice decorating touch with all of the art in the hostel. Love the dog. Spacious lockers. Only suggestion would be to make copies of the keys for every customer so no one has to share the main key.

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Had to LoL while reading this :) Thanks for the review. The Key system stays as it its, however, you will walk the extra 10m, period. We tried your suggestion long ago of course. Doesn't work. 80% of the keys are never returned. And we can't be bothered with taking deposits, too much trouble. One key to rule them all.

My Way Hostel Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik, Croatia

the place had a good social vibe and friendly manager. no issues here.

Old Town Hostel East Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

hot water in showers only lasted 1-2 minutes, tops. a little cramped in the dorm rooms, so no need for a kitchen. staff seemed more concerned with selling their tours than the state of the customer. wifi was only working in the reception, almost never worked in the rooms.

Hostel Podgorica

Podgorica, Montenegro

Nice and knowledgeable owner. Good location. Fair price. No issues.

Driza's House

Prizren, Kosovo

They have done all that they can do with such a small amount of space. No issues with this hostel. Very nice and accommodating owners, excellent location and tasty little breakfast.

Hostel Han

Pristina, Kosovo

nice clean and modern hostel. good location. good maps. helpful staff. no issues.


Skopje, Macedonia

Clean, knowledgeable staff, free breakfast, very solid and homely facilities. Two thumbs up.


Ohrid, Macedonia

good location. friendly and helpful staff. has all the bus and train info for all of Macedonia which is very helpful.

SR Backpackers

Saranda, Albania

The owner is a one man team and does a great job of keeping everything together. Always willing to help in any way possible. Very knowledgeable about the area and anything about Albania in general.

Students & Travellers Inn

Athens, Greece

Exceptionally helpful and pleasant staff. Very solid facilities. Convenient location for sight seeing and only 5 minute walk to the metro. Two thumbs up from this nomad.

HHB Hostel Bansko

Bansko, Bulgaria

After spending time in over 200+ hostels in my short lifetime, I think I can say the following with some authority. Please print out and display somewhere in the hostel a complete list of rules expected of the guests. This is common practice in hostels and will greatly help to avoid any misunderstandings between staff and guests. Also, NEVER lose your cool with the customers. No matter how nice you are, they will NEVER forget even the smallest of incidents. Lastly, lockers are needed.

Stay Inn

Ilan, Taiwan

This place is a gem - top notch facilities and great staff. Everything is clean, spacious, nice breakfast, fast WiFi, knowledgeable staff and convenient location.

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Wish I could do better for the tour guide info. See you again someday, MR.

Smile Society

Bangkok, Thailand

clean and modern facilities, but a little cramped in the rooms and common area. would be nice if they opened up the balcony on the top floor. social atmosphere is nonexistent. rarely anyone at the reception and you have to call them if they are not there. they say the front door is going to be repaired, but it was never done in the week i was there. while one of the managers had good people skills (tall, skinny, short hair, glasses), the other manager clearly did not.

Lovely Jubbly Villa

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

attentive staff. modern facilities. very knowledgeable about logistical matters. no issues.

Lovely Jubbly Villa

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

no issues. good facilities. attentive staff. had good system for helping with logistics.

Kounsavan Guest House

Luang Prabang, Laos

no issues. friendly staff, nice free breakfast, well organized regarding the activities people can do in the area.

Funtastic Danang Hostel

Da Nang, Vietnam

no issues. very helpful staff. nice breakfast. good location.

Vy Khanh Hostel

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

none. nice employers.

  • 29th Dec 2014
  • Globetrotter
  • USA
  • Mixed Group, 31-40
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Dear Guests, Thank you for your comment. We love to see you again with special price. Warm regards from Vy Khanh Guesthouse, Ms Vy

Borders Beyond

Auckland, New Zealand

NZ is a wealthy westernized country, so paying for hot water for a shower is a no-no. if the owner wants to market his hostel as a place strictly for french people, that is ok (there are plenty of hostels that cater to only one nationality). but if he wants to draw guests from many countries, he needs to do a better job of making sure non-french people do not feel alienated due to not being french.

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience. Regarding the shower, it is written in the property description, it is not hidden. and the bed price remains the cheapest in Auckland...Regarding the customers I can't, nor want, restrict or market towards on nationality, it will be segregation... Happy new year

The House Hostel

Sokcho, South Korea

the owners put a lot of TLC into the hostel. always good to see people who do that!

Phil Guesthouse

Seoul, South Korea

social atmosphere was nonexistent. staff were detached, aloof.

Hostel Ann

Nagoya, Japan

great atmosphere and social staff.

Jam Hostel Kyoto Gion

Kyoto, Japan

If you could add a microwave in the kitchen, you guys would be all set. Otherwise, no issues with your hostel. Thanks.


no issues. very nice private room.


Excellent hostel. Very caring owners and staff - treated me like family. Great knowledge of the area and all that there is to do. Very good atmosphere to meet other travelers. Would recommend to everyone.

Nomad Cave Hostel

Goreme, Turkey

no issues - had a very relaxing time. would recommend it to anyone.

Chillout Cengo

Istanbul, Turkey

this is really just a place to lay your head on a pillow. not a party hostel or even a social hostel where the hostel organizes events so people can get to know each other (i.e., dinner party, etc.).

Pousada Ecoverde

Cuiaba, Brazil

Worst i have ever seen: dogs pissing and pooping on the floors and walls, bugs all over the place (especially the kitchen), a nasty stench (probably from the backup in the sewer system), graffiti on the walls of a few rooms, broken walls that make break-ins easy, chickens clucking from 2-6am in the morning, boogers on the bottom of my pillow, a brothel right across the street and the owner´s son tried to `borrow`money from my friend. honestly, i could not make this stuff up if i wanted to.