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Bangkok, Thailand

the owner is very helpful when we are checking the locations for certain places of interest. Location is very good just 3 mins walk from BTS, the night local food stand is a big plus

Hostelgate Privates

Vilnius, Lithuania

In total it is good, nice to old town and bus station, it is just I booked the rooms for 2 nights, but the price increase a bit during my booking which is a bit strange.

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Dear Ying Zeng, mm you paid for your stay the same amount like it was on your booking system 37.80 LTL and 30.60 LTL in cash upon your your arrival on 8th of August in the morning. We have this recorded in our booking system. The deposit for the room keys or lock it is not a payment, and you got it back on your check out. So, if you can, please, explain us what do you mean and how much had you paid :) Enjoy your travel Juste

Lollipop Hostel

Maribor, Slovenia

The location is good, but it is near a garden, so a lot of insects flying around

Castle Hostel 1004 - Bled

Bled, Slovenia

It is the one floor up compared to bled hostel, and it is a new one, so all the things are new, staff are friendly, they help me to print my tickets, thats very sweet

Bled Hostel

Bled, Slovenia

the location is good, but the toilets are not enough, and one is a bit broken with a lot of water on the floor, otherwise is ok. It is quite noisy with a pub outside.

Hostel Magdalena-Lena

Mostar, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Lena is very nice, she picked us up from the bus station which is a big surprise, and offered watermelon to us, and provide adequate information regarding the city,


It is very good one, near the bus station, only a bit far from the old town, a little bit walk, but worth the money you are paying. Staff are friendly and provide all the information you need, very cute to draw you the map to catch the bus to Tirana

Shanti Hostel 2

Skopje, Macedonia

very near to the bus station, the courtyard is very nice to hang out and meet other people.

Emre Cave House

Goreme, Turkey

the owner is very friendly, you can take showers when you arrive and also after tours, they are very nice to all the visitors and the balloon tour is definitely good to do