Reviews: Anonymous

Gold Coast Donosti

San Sebastian, Spain

The "hostel" was actually a house stuffed with beds in the former rooms, some without basic ventilation. The staff were three shirtless boys and the reception was a notebook over the kitchen table. The shared space used to be a garage, it seems, but still some surf boards and boxes were pilled on top of each other. One of the two bathrooms was locked from time to time for no apparent reason. If we had more time we'd had discovered that are cheaper places with better facilities in town.

Aloha Hostel Pamplona

Pamplona, Spain

Really friendly staff and it's so near to many different spots in the city that's totally worth it. Besides, the hostel actually feels and looks like a well kept house, which an lovely vibe. We wanted to stay more in the city just because of the hostel! But they could have better beds though...

Backpackers Madrid

Madrid, Spain

The location of the place is basically what lead us to book it anyway, it's fantastic! But anyone can get in the building without any fuss so it's pretty unsafe, even if you're in a private room with a key. As it was high summer, it was impossible to stay inside until late at night, because there's not much ventilation indoors.


Great facilities, it's really what you expect when backpacking for a while. The staff at reception desk were all friendly and nice, but the kitchen and cleaning people were very rude, kind of weird balance but... anyway, I'd love if other hostels were more like it, we really enjoyed it as a whole as we can survive passing some nitpicking.

Antares Hostel

Nice, France

We were lucky that our dorm room had only very nice people in it because despite that and the overall nice reception people the hostel was used only to sleep as any shares space was so noisy and dirty (not to say their kitchen and cooking facilities are disgusting and filthy!). The area nearby is not totally bad, but it's much less decent than the old town (where we also stayed for a couple of nights), but it's a good nice walk to the coast...

Casa Rosa Roma

Rome, Italy

I'd rate their location as excellent for personal reasons (I'd rather stay in a more "local" neighborhood for instance than in a touristy area) but I understand it may be a problem for someone else. However, the staff, all of them, are AMAZING. Really, I almost felt like couchsurfing... if I wasn't paying for it of course. It's a very small place with almost no facilities (the TV and the fridge are nice, and that's all) but we enjoyed it.

Sunny Guesthouse Rome

Rome, Italy

No signs to find it, not even a tag in the buzzer, incredibly rude staff saying they'll "relocate" us to a different distant place with a whole different name etc, asking for more money for no reason. We basically got one only option, to get out to the street at 11PM in a shaddy area with no place to sleep. A nightmare. DO NOT GO THERE.

Resort Campogaio

Sorrento, Italy

Kind of far from the town (you get tired very easily and quickly if you need to go and come back all the time from there) but the overall feeling of the place was really nice, it has a wonderful view to Vesuvius. They could tell the breakfast ladies to be more polite though, they were constantly rude to people.

Hotel Ginevra

Naples, Italy

A shady hostel in a shady area. It did the job though, just not sure if I can really recommend it.

Youth Hostel Anna

Santorini, Greece

We stayed in a tent, which was ok for being a tent, but it was pretty dirty and the whole "let's party until down and get really drunk" atmosphere of it didn't appeal us. Their quad bike hire is nice though.

Shoestrings Airport Lodge

Johannesburg, South Africa

Great staff and peaceful and charming atmosphere, just a bit isolated from the rest of the town, but it's so close to the airport that this compensates, we loved the house :-)