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Pensione Giamaica

Rome, Italy

Everything was pretty good except the atmosphere as there was much as far as hostel-bonding and meeting new people. Close to train station and Metro, staff was nice and accommodating (except for they wouldn't hold stuff past 1:30 PM). Would recommend in general. Solid enough.

La Pescheria Backpackers

Venice, Italy

Security was alright (entry door never closed all the way), so room lock was only layer of security (no lockers). Location was pretty good (close to Rialto and 10 mins to going out area). Staff was fine, but not spectacular. Atmosphere was absent; same as hotel. Cleanliness was alright. Not super clean, but not noticeably dirty.

Palazzo Sant Ursula

Valletta, Malta

Make sure you have the address as it is not labeled on the outside of the building/can be hard to find. Security-wise, it is pretty secure except if you're on the ground floor, there's a little window people can open from the outside and look in (they can't GET in). Location is mostly good (close to the bus hub), but ,as stated, a little hard to find. Staff is great. Atmosphere is not better than a hotel really. Cleanliness is lacking in bathroom. Value is average and facilities were acceptable.


The location (simultaneously close to the train station as well as the downtown scene) and security (multiple layers) were great. The service and atmosphere were fine, but nothing special (no complaints though). The biggest downsides were the facilities/cleanliness (the bathroom in my 10 bed room was not that great and the shared bathroom on the first floor was filthy), and the value for money (record high hostel prices...I know its Nice which is close to Monaco, but lower the prices a bit).

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Greetings from Villa St Exupery. Our business is seasonal, so whereas our prices are high in summer, they are some of the lowest in Nice over winter. All our guests benefit from our excellent services once they are here. Among them are free internet, free breakfast, free pasta dinner in the evening, free Gym, free sauna, €1 beers at the bar, free city walking tour and much more.

Home Lisbon Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

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New Backpackers

Istanbul, Turkey

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